Biden’s Supreme Court nomination process could prevent him from getting lower judges confirmed

President Joe Biden could have an overall negative outcome from having the chance to nominate a justice to the Supreme Court, according to The Washington Free Beacon

According to the publication, the process of hearing and confirming a Supreme Court justice is one that will keep the lower court nominees from making their way through the system. 

Because Democrats have control over the Senate, Biden nominees have been doing relatively well with 40 of Biden’s picks being confirmed to their respective positions. 

However, that process will be coming to a halt as the Senate Judiciary Committee turns all of its attention to the important job of deciding who will sit on the nation’s highest court. 

“Supreme Court confirmations generally take about two months, sometimes faster, from nomination to confirmation,” said Mike Davis, a former nominations chief for Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa).

 “And the lower court nominations generally get put on the back-burner and all eyes—and resources—focus on the Supreme Court nominee.”

This is particularly problematic since Republicans are thought likely to take control of the Senate after the midterm elections. That would likely put an end to any meaningful number of nominees making its way through committees to carry out their progressive ideologies. 

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) acknowledged the potential issue on Sunday when he indicated that the timeline of judicial nominations could depend on the committee’s actual familiarity with the candidate:

“That nominee and the background of the nominee—in terms of whether they’ve been before the committee, how recently they were there, and how much information we can bring together quickly—will decide the timeline,” he said on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.