Biden’s polling numbers on immigration policy have plummeted, survey says

President Joe Biden is taking an absolute beating in the polls, but if you think it’s all because of his Afghanistan fiasco, think again.

According to Breitbart, new polls on Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, which is still very much a thing, reveal that public opinion has shifted a staggering 17 points against the president’s policies concerning the influx of migrants.

The new numbers, which came from the latest poll from Morning Consult for Politico, revealed devastating news for the president, as some 55% of respondents oppose Biden’s immigration policies while only 36% support him.

Why is that so bad? Because it was only in April, from the same poll, Biden scored 43% support and only 45% opposition on his immigration policies.

Signaling even more trouble for Biden and Democrats as the 2022 midterm election near is how independents feel about Biden’s border policies. A whopping 40% of independents “strongly oppose” his immigration policies, and another 19% “somewhat oppose” them, for a total of 59% of independents who are clearly unhappy with how Biden is managing the situation.

Even when broken down into racial demographics, Biden is suffering across the board, losing support like a ship losing water after a torpedo strike.

In other words, it appears that Americans — political allegiances aside — overwhelmingly do not approve of how the 46th president has tackled the immigration crisis.

While nothing is guaranteed, given the fact that there’s a lot of time between now and the 2022 midterm elections, Biden’s blunders in both foreign policy and domestic policy are tanking his numbers, which undoubtedly will have a ripple effect across the Democratic Party.

Now that America is facing a brand new crisis in the form of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees pouring into the country, the Biden administration and Democrats will continue to struggle on the public perception front, and make no mistake — Republicans will do everything in their power to remind their voters just how bad the situation is becoming.