Biden’s physical and mental abilities questioned after humiliating bicycle incident

After a week of many in the usually Biden-friendly mainstream media questioning the stamina of the 79-year-old president, and raisings concerns about whether not making another run for the White House in 2024 is a wise move, President Biden ended the week in the worst possible way.

During a vacation in Delaware, which he takes more often than not these days, Biden fell off his bicycle and hit the ground hard. The incident is raising questions about his ability to lead. 

Ric Grenell, who served as the acting director of national intelligence under former President Donald Trump, and as aU.S. ambassador to Germany, commented on Biden’s recent embarrassing moment of falling off of his bike while at a dead stop, saying the incident further proves that Biden is in no shape — physically or mentally — to be in charge of the United States.

Grenell said Biden is “not well” and insisted that he “isn’t running the country.” He also acknowledged that Democrats seemingly ignored the bicycle incident as if nothing had happened.

“You look at the Twitter feeds today of all the Washington, D.C., types, and there’s very few talking about Joe Biden falling off a stationary bike,” Grenell said, according to Newsmax. “They just are trying to cover for the ruling party wherever they can. It’s a joke.”

The former acting DNI also suggested that world leaders are “seeing the decline of Joe Biden.”

“Everybody knows this,” Grenell said, pointing to a growing list of equally bizarre or embarrassing moments during Biden’s presidency. “No one is allowed to say it in Washington, D.C., but everybody else sees it.”

“[We’ve] seen a shuffle, seen him shake hands with the air, seen him lose cognitive function in the middle of a speech … and today’s episode is just another piece of that puzzle that Joe Biden is not well and that he isn’t running the country,” Grenell said.