Biden’s new ‘Ministry of Truth’ director once said government shouldn’t control information

In the wake of billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk purchasing Twitter — the favored tool of the progressive left to shape and push their radical policy narratives — the Biden administration took quick action in countering the development by creating what critics are calling the “Ministry of Truth.”

According to The Daily Wire, the “Disinformation Governance Board,” which will be administered under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will essentially police the internet and other forms of media for what they deem is “disinformation,” hiring Nina Jankowicz, a self-described “disinformation expert,” as its executive director.

Liberals are often some of the biggest hypocrites around, and Jankowicz is certainly no exception, as she seemed to have quite the issue with former President Donald Trump’s administration — or the executive branch in general — having that much power over determining the authenticity of information.

“Imagine that, you know, with President Trump right now calling all of these news organizations that have — inconvenient for him — stories that they’re getting out there, that he’s calling ‘fake news,’ and now lashing out at platforms,” she can be seen saying in a video that was resurfaced in the wake of her appointment.

“I would never want to see our executive branch have that sort of power, and that’s why, you know, the legislative process, with our duly elected officials is really important. That sort of consultative rule-making process. We can’t just govern by executive order anymore.”

Talk about statements that don’t age well. The humiliating admission, along with other videos showing her clear history of liberal activism and extreme anti-right views, make her one of the Biden administration’s worst picks to lead anything in U.S. government.

There are already calls for her removal from prominent Republicans, and movements to have the organization defunded before it even gets off the ground.

While the Biden administration has made its fair share of asinine decisions, this one easily tops the list, and it could ultimately be the final undoing of the Biden presidency.