Biden’s HHS to roll back Trump’s Protect Life Rule

The Biden administration Department of Health and Human Services announced a planned reversal of the Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule, according to Breitbart News

The rule put a virtual legal boundary between abortion and family planning, something traditionally intermingled by groups such as Planned Parenthood. 

According to Breitbart’s report, the head of HHS, Xavier Becerra, appointed by President Joe Biden is an ally of Planned Parenthood who is looking to change policies back in favor of the organization’s former methods. 

The announcement of the proposed rule, which is titled “Ensuring access to equitable, affordable, client-centered, quality family planning services,” said that HHS intends to return to the Clinton administration era Title X family planning regulations of 2000:

“HHS proposes to revise the rules issued on March 4, 2019 (84 FR 7714), establishing standards for compliance by family planning services projects authorized by Title X of the Public Health Service Act,” the bill said, according to Breitbart. 

“Those rules have undermined the public health of the population the program is meant to serve. The Department proposes to revise the 2019 rules by readopting the 2000 regulations (65 FR 41270), with several modifications needed to strengthen the program and ensure access to equitable, affordable, client-centered, quality family planning services for all clients, especially for low-income clients.” 

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) responded to the announcement, saying in his statement that the proposed rule change is once again, a push by the Biden administration to funnel tax dollars toward the abortion industry: 

“Abortion is not family planning, it is family destruction. President Biden’s actions today are an attempt to provide a taxpayer funded giveaway to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. This defies the law and tramples over the consciences of health care providers and the American taxpayers.”

Former President Donald Trump was a strong advocate for the rights of the unborn, something conservatives weren’t afraid to support, which could make for a harsh backlash against Biden’s HHS move.