Biden’s frequent trips to Delaware costs US taxpayers millions of dollars in security costs alone

Many critics of former President Donald Trump spent a significant amount of time slamming him for occasional trips to his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida for a weekend getaway and a round or two of golf.

But according to the New York Post, those critics seem to be completely silent, as President Joe Biden easily has his predecessor beat with regard to trip back home, and according to the latest figures, it’s costing U.S. taxpayers a pretty penny, which is even worse given the inflation crisis and overall price upticks on common goods.

Aside from a long list of other taxpayer-supported costs for Biden to fly home to Delaware more often than not, the security costs alone are absolutely stunning. As the Post noted, it has cost American taxpayers some $3 million just for the U.S. Secret Service to provide security for the president at his Delaware residence.

“Most Americans know that Biden is being hidden because he isn’t fit for office,” a former Trump White House official taunted. “What they may not realize is that they’re paying insane amounts of money for him to be tucked into bed in Delaware every weekend.”

The Post obtained expense records from the Secret Service that clearly show Biden is racking up quite the tab, and he’s using your hard-earned money to foot the bill.

In a staggering 16 trips he’s taken back to Delaware since taking office, Biden’s security detail alone — which takes tremendous manpower and logistical planning, even for a jaunt back to his residence — accounted for some $1.96 million of that bill.

Here’s the kicker: There are nine additional trips that he’s taken to Delaware since January that haven’t yet been included in the report, which the Post noted will likely easily result in the $3 million taxpayer tab.

Oh, and that’s not including airfare on the world’s most luxurious, expensive plane, Air Force One. Nor did it take into account transportation provided to Biden and the Secret Service on Marine One, the helicopter used for short trips.

While presidents are certainly allowed and expected to take a little R&R back home every once in a while, it certainly appears that Biden is taking advantage of the situation.