Biden’s DOJ pick confesses – gun control is coming

Democrats will always tell you they don’t want to take your guns – but they’re lying.

Fox News reports:

Merrick Garland, President Biden’s nominee for attorney general, signaled Monday that the Justice Department under his leadership would “advance” the policies of the Biden administration on gun control.

During Monday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee asked Garland, “Do you support banning of certain types of firearms?”

Garland responded, “Well, as I’m sure you know, the president is a strong supporter of gun control and has been an advocate all his professional life on this question.”

Garland continued, “The role of the Justice Department is to advance the policy program of the administration as long as it is consistent with the law.”

“Where there is room under the law for the president’s policies to be pursued, I think the president is entitled to pursue them,” he said.

Um, no. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution protects the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. So no, Joe Biden is not “entitled” to ban firearms.

Merrick Garland is nominated to be the top law enforcement officer in the country, yet he doesn’t seem to have a good grip on the law of the law. He shouldn’t be confirmed.

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  1. There is only one cure for America, and that is 75,000,000,000 Americans need to re=-call everyone of the Dems including but not limited to their impeachment! This also applies to Chief Justice Roberts and Sota Mayor for not adhering to the U. S. Constitution!

    1. I agree 💯 plus percent, they should all be IMPEACHED and throw out of our White House and Capitol. They want to take all of our Freedom’s away and be another China. They are scheming and so very Evil people. They have their nine foot fence with razor wire all around what belong’s to the People of America. They know what they are doing is very unamerica and they are afraid of the People.

    1. I agree he has no idea what goes on unless someone gets shot. He needs to realize a lot of people use their guns to get game to feed their family, plus gardens, a lot of people do not shop for food like some of us. I have family that only use it for deer, rabbits, wild hogs.

    1. Yes, victim disarmament is evil. It’s far better to eliminate criminal behavior such as violence. This could start at home with young children learning good values.

    2. They can come to take my guns. But they better remember I am a veteran who knows how to shoot. When they take my guns from my dead hands they can also take the guns from the dead hands of those I take with me.

    1. That’s exactly what they want so they can roll the tanks into your neighborhoods, load you into the back of their FEMA trucks, while they ransack
      YOUR HOME !

  2. How can our government do anything that takes away any of the citizens rights as stated in the constitution! That action would be a coup wouldn’t it. What recourse do the American people have when they have never heard what Biden would do or not do. He should be disqualified as President! And because the members of the Supreme Court are not Public Accountant’s why should they be able to look at any persons tax returns? They will not be able to tell if they are honest or not!


    2. The constitution is a law that all other laws are to come from. But the criminals (The Democrats), don’t obey laws. Therefore, when they create laws that are anti constitutional they are committing treason. At that point, when they come for our guns we have the constitutional right to shoot them.


  4. Biden wants to curtail American taxpayers rights, give illegal immigrants who have broken our laws for freebies amnesty, stop funding the Border Wall and raise taxes to benefit those who haven’t earned the money, then punish the American taxpayers.
    The largest generation in American history is retiring. Politicians have spent our Social Security and Medicare monies to get re-elected and the bill is due. Have Americans forgotten history? Does the Great Depression ring a bell?

  5. Well let’s see;
    1. Control all media 2. Control all modes of transportation and fuels. And all costs.
    3. Buddy up to the chinese and don’t blame them for covid-19 4. Pardons for leftists who burn, kill and loot 5. Allow unlimited numbers of aliens with SS and voting rights.6. Make the USA dependent on other nations for fuel. 6. Allow a figurehead very ill leader 7. Cater to Iran, China, and many other communist entities around the globe
    8. Disregard the 2nd and other amendments to our Constitution. 9. Carry on expensive kangaroo courts in Congress
    This is just the start of the Democratic agenda. I don’t think True Americans will go along at any price.

    1. Thomas Jefferson warned: a poorly educated society will not remain free. Maybe our government monopoly K-12 schooling is a factor.

    2. They are going along because they pay too much attention to the MSM and don’t hear the down side of the government actions.

  6. When guns are outlawed millions of Americans will become outlaws if that Is what you want so be it.Time to go to war double the razor wire you want an uncivil war communists can’t win

  7. We the real Patriots know something REALLY DARK is happening in this Country! Might not know exactly, but we know it’s not the NORM! Biden puts emphasis on non – Americans more than us Real Patriots that have paid their Dues! So don”t dare try take are WEAPONS, BECAUSE YOU WON’T LIKE PRICE YOU WILL PAY ! BIDEN IS DISGRACEFUL AND OUR ALLIES SEE THAT AS WELL! NO TO GARLAND!

  8. SAD to say but the Liberals have ruined our country…
    We will have to stay strong and come out strong in Four Years. Hopefully by then they have not done too much Damage.
    This is not about race…. That was an excuse.
    Ask yourself why did he not choose an African-American for Vise President?? There are plenty to choose from… Or maybe we should as Pelosi that question!

    1. OMG Ask Piglosi ? The only things she knows is lies, lies and more lies. What a Witch . She has been a lot of the problem . She has been given way too much control . She needs to be Impeached . The only problem is , can’t get past the Demonutz to Impeach her , China Joe and and Schmucker . China Joe needs Impeached for letting Illegals into our great country with All kinds of Diseases . Aren’t we going thru enough Hell from the Damn China Covid ? Yep….I called it the China Covid , if the shoe fits !!
      Anytime the Demonutz want to distract us from something they are doing that’s not legal , they start calling us Racist. Truth be known they are the Racist ones !
      BTW Judith , I have a feeling that China Joe put H. Harris in as Vice P. Because she has a bad background much like he does!
      She helped bail out the criminals that were destroying the cities , as fast as the Cops put them in jail. She asked many to include China Joe’s campaign staff to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the bailed out criminals , left and right. They even let out one scumbag that raped a 71 yr old women and he ransacked her home. Then another one that raped a 8 yr old Little girl. How sick is that ?
      I hope OANN , One America News Network puts the story on again , about Harris and how she got into politics , from beginning until now . It brought up How a scumbag shot a police officer with something like a machine gun and she Refused to Ask for the Death Penalty for him ….. What little bit I got to see made me Ill !
      Sorry , I’ll get off my soapbox again.

    2. The constitution is a law that all other laws are to come from. But the criminals (The Democrats), don’t obey laws. Therefore, when they create laws that are anti constitutional they are committing treason. At that point, when they come for our guns we have the constitutional right to shoot them.

    3. We don’t have to stay strong for four years, only two. It is imperative that we vote out all Democrats in 2022, then Biden and his cronies won’t be able to accomplish anything.

  9. Anthony Manzo
    The Constitution is only SACROSANCT When it SUITS their AGENDA. But Whoa to the Constitution and the PEOPLES Rights when it Doesn’t. Here it is in PLANE AMERICAN ENGLISH. ” THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED “. The PINHEADS in WASHINGTON have been trying for the last SIXTY years to FIX A PROBLEM by using the same fix that has FAILED for the last Sixty years. HEY STUPID IDIOTS have you ever thought to try a different APPROACH. If Thomas Edison had follwed their Example we would not now have the electric light. If inventors followed their example we would still be living in CAVES. One simple FIX. Kick out ALL with an IQ of less than 100. Woopie. what a lot of empty seats in CONGRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Typical Democrat Bastard, will not answer the question. He is not the man for this job ,period. Obey the laws or get the hell out of the way for an honest person . I’m sick of there wishes washed responses to important issues. Lying Bastards.

  11. The Criminal Organization DNC sidestepped the Constitution when they allowed Obama to be inaugurated, look at us now! The DNC needs to be taken out by any means necessary because they are blatantly Un-America! The DNC took it upon themselves to rewrite the Constitution written by our Forefathers as the Law of the land!
    So there is no argument needed, they are against the laws written by our Forefathers, the law that they swore an oath to uphold! I see no need to wait, I have seen nothing but treason, from the traitors called the DNC! “By The People, For The People!” End the DNC, or WE The People Will.

  12. What really upset me other than what he has ruined in less than 2 months is. His comment that The United States , Will NOT be Number ONE ! Where the Hell does he come off saying that ? Oh that’s right , I forgot he’s in Bed with China . Iran and Russia .
    What he’s doing ” with Obummers help “. to our Great Country is Disgraceful !!
    I Pray that everything he’s doing to ruin our Great Country can be fixed once him and H.Harris are OUT!
    I Will Never Forgive the Damn Judges that kept saying they saw no Voter Fraud . If the opened their eyes they would have seen it ! They are a Bunch of Cowards !!
    Have you seen the letter put out by the Demonutz to AT & T , Direct tv , OANN , Fox News and Newsmax ? They are after them now , because they Print and tell the truth !!
    These’s on-lines News will be next . They want everyone to do the Fake news like CNN , MSNBC , ABC , CBS etc.
    We along with some of the News media are loosing our Freedom of Speech . What’s Next ?
    Did you see Anderson Cooper on CNN interview China Joe ? China Joe said, there wasn’t a Covid vaccine until HE got into office and Anderson Cooper NEVER corrected him . Cowards !! I guess China Joe forgot he got the vaccine while President Trump was Still in Office !!
    IF you haven’t seen it ….do a search for ” The Absolute Truth “. It’s an eye opener !! Shows How the Election was STOLEN and it had help from Other Countries !! Many many experts came forward to check things out and explained exactly how it was done. Some you probably have seen and some is New Evidence !
    I’ll get Off my soapbox now. I’m just totally disgusted !

    1. Well it seems to me that the entire Biden administration is trying to overthrow our government….. Isnt that treasonous…come in Cnservatives get off you backside and get tough… Dems are out thinking you….DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  13. If the Supreme Court can’t see the lies, the double standards, and the blatant disregard for societal rules, then the Supreme Court is Complaisant! We will not change our lifestyles in the United States of America to please the trash, and the twisted logic of the Chicago Anarchists, prepare yourselves for WAR you treasonous bastards!

  14. Soros, Obama, Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kerry, HRC, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, Jarrett, Rice, Biden, Harris, and every elected DNC Politician has 72 Hours to turn yourselves in, after that 72 Hours WE THE PEOPLE will enforce the law of the land! God Have Mercy On Your Souls!

  15. Hundreds of thousands of white men gave their lives for ending slavery! Obama mysteriously becomes POTUS and now this Country is divided like its 1963! The Chicago Anarchists and Domestic Terrorists have had a plot to take over the Country since Bill Ayers father put Obama through Harvard!

  16. We know Bill Gates has an implant for every American Citizen to put in our fingertips, the only way to do financial business, without it no one can function! That is not the American way, here we have choices! You Democrats have pushed us around too long, we will never give up our guns so you twisted bastards can control us! Prepare to meet your maker, whether you believe in God or not!

  17. Democrats swore an oath to abide by the Constitution, the original Constitution, as soon as they are officially in office, the go against their oath! No more, or for some of you to understand, NO MO!!

  18. We were moving along nicely under President Trump .Now that the demarcates are in office they are going to reverse as much of the Trump policies as they can. Even tho we were doing better than we have in several years. Power is the demarcates gole no matter who it hurts. It doesn’t take a collage degree to see how stupid some of the changes are going to hurt NOT HELP the country. Biden doesn’t care where the country is going. If he did he wouldn’t have signed all those executive orders. Power is the number one agenda ,no matter how stupid and harmful it becomes. At some point America is going to say ENOUGH and i hope it happens sooner than later. Just look at what he has destroyed so far. The list is long. I hope the country wakes up before it too late. Biden was in office a long time and what did he do to better the country. To be honest i can’t think of a thing he did that was positive . What we have now is a den or morrons running the country and there crooks as well. Good lord when is it going to stop. I hope it’s before we lose the hole country to the buffoons’ in Washington . If we let them ,they will sink the whole country. Lord help us before it’s too late.

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