Joe Biden’s ENDS all wall construction contracts in key Texas border sectors

As overwhelming migrant surges continue to follow one after another, it was just announced that the Biden Department of Homeland Security is poised to cancel all existing contracts to construct a border barrier in the U.S. Border Patrol’s Laredo and Rio Grande Valley sectors, as the New York Post reports.

In a statement released on Friday, the agency revealed its intention to “cancel the remaining border barrier contracts” in the aforementioned sectors and “then begin environmental planning and actions consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act for previously planned border barriers system projects located within the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and El Centro Sectors.

The timing of the decision appeared suspect to many, particularly given the fact that just a week prior, the department indicated that it was anticipating upwards of 40,000 apprehensions at the border in October alone, as the Post further noted.

Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma was among those critics, taking to Twitter to opine, “Leave it to Biden and his team to cancel border contracts for ‘environmental reasons’ when we have a 21-year high of illegal crossers. It is obvious that they do not want to stop illegal immigration.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) took the opportunity of the announcement to take aim directly at the agency’s head, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, observing, “DHS Secretary Mayorkas, during a border crisis, is cancelling border wall contracts. Impeach Mayorkas,” the Post added.

The administration’s ongoing attempt to reverse the immigration policies put in place by former President Donald Trump have resulted in months of stalled progress on the border barrier, a fact which was recently slammed by former Border Security chief Rodney Scott during an appearance on Fox News’ Special Report.

Saying that prior to his departure, he explained to Biden administration officials just what would happen if Trump’s policies were discarded, namely, “we would get an influx of mass migration that we would not be able to control.”

Lamenting the stop placed on border wall construction implemented early this year – now being formalized by the current leadership – Scott said that for a period of time, the administration was shelling out roughly $5 million each day to not build the barrier, and that there are “stacks and stacks” of panels, “hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling, cameras…sitting there.”

The crisis at the southern border has continued to escalate throughout Biden’s first term in office, and now that tens of thousands of Haitian migrants are reportedly on their way in addition to the group that amassed in Del Rio, Texas last month, the wisdom of ending what to many is a common sense measure to stem the tide of arrivals is the subject of serious doubt.