Biden’s cognitive challenges laid bare in sit-down with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel

President Joe Biden granted his first network television interview in a staggering 118 days on Wednesday, but rather than providing the public with much-needed reassurances that he was indeed busy tackling the nation’s problems, the sit-down with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel actually revealed the frightening degree of cognitive decline under which he is operating.

Exemplifying the alarming senility which appears to be gripping the president is a clip of the discussion posted by the Republican National Committee in which Biden clumsily expresses frustration with what he described as his administration’s inability to communicate the “major things” it has supposedly accomplished.

During that exchange, Biden praised Kimmel for his ability to “overstand,” rather than understand his presidential plight and bizarrely placed the blame for White House messaging failures on the needs of journalists to get “clicks on the nightly news.”

Flailing away, Biden said of the overwhelmingly friendly media establishment, “So instead of asking the question, anyway, it just, everything gets…gets sensationalized…in ways…but I’m convinced we can get through this. We have to get through it. And one of the things, look… .” WATCH:

Kimmel quickly saw the writing on the wall with regard to Biden’s difficulty stringing coherent sentences together, and perhaps anticipating a total Biden brain freeze, took mercy on the president and segued to a commercial.

“I’m going to take a break,” Kimmel interjected mercifully, adding, “and then we’ll talk a little bit more.”

In addition to the startling glimpse into Biden’s mental challenges, the interview laid bare the president’s appalling unwillingness to address the news that earlier that same day, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been targeted for assassination by someone reportedly in agreement with the left’s rhetoric on the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade, though he did label the prospect of reversal revealed last month in a leaked draft opinion to be “ridiculous.”

Though Biden – in his bumbling, confused manner – is clinging to the narrative that the White House just needs to explain his towering achievements more effectively to the citizenry, Americans everywhere know from the skyrocketing inflation, record gas prices, baby formula shortages and any number of other crises they encounter every day, that basic competence, not messaging, is to blame.