Biden’s bill held up AGAIN by moderate Democrats

House Democrats are struggling to ensure that they have enough votes to pass the hotly contested reconciliation spending bill as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, according to a report in Fox News.

The lower house of Congress could vote on the bills as early as the coming week, but they’re facing some trouble in the form of several moderates that demanded to see the  Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score for the bill in question.

“While there has been progress to address some of his concerns, there remain significant issues he is still working to address in the substance of the bill,” Nick Zeller, a spokesman for Rep. Jared Golden, (D-MA), who is one of those moderates, told Fox News Thursday.

“That is in addition to the conditions he laid out earlier this week… around a CBO score, time to review, and pre-conferencing. I think you’ll agree those conditions have not been met.”

Golden said in his Tuesday letter, that was co-signed with Reps. Josh Gottheimer, (D-NJ), Stephanie Murphy, (D-FL), Kurt Schrader, (D-OR), and Ed Case, (D-HI), that they needed 72 hours to review the final bill before the vote.

While this might seem like an entirely reasonable request since they’d be putting their stamp of approval on something that voters are holding them responsible for, it’s not something sitting well with Democratic leadership.

The group of moderates said they hoped that the CBO score would show them the “true cost of the legislation,” and they needed to have an agreement with the Senate on the content of the bill before they could cast their vote.

Specifically, the letter highlighted concerns about child care, among other issues, that would be addressed in the bill: 

“I believe that the House must proceed responsibly and not take up the final text of the Build Back Better Act until three conditions are met,” Golden said. 

“Anything less amounts to an implicit admission that party leaders do not want members to be able to fully analyze the bill before having to take a vote,” Golden said.