Biden’s approval rating at 33 percent

President Joe Biden was served some bad news earlier this week after it was reported that his approval rating was 33 percent. 

According to Fox News, the president came up short in a Quinnipiac University national poll conducted Jan. 7-10 and released Wednesday.

The most recent statistics are down three points from the previous survey in November while his disapproval rating remains the same. 

Biden’s downward dive puts him well within the negative territory as he almost reaches his first complete year in office. 

“A rocky start for President Biden gets him low grades on his year one report card,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy noted.

This isn’t the only poll that has Biden in the negative, however. FiveThirtyEight reported that Biden has a 42% approval and 52% disapproval rating among voters. 

“According to the Quinnipiac poll, the president is deeply underwater on his handling of three top issues – the economy (34%), foreign policy (35%) and the coronavirus pandemic (39%),” Fox reported. 

While the president’s approval rating was hanging out around the mid-50s during the first half of his first year in office, the numbers took a sharp downward turn when the president began to handle the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Things didn’t get much better when COVID-19 began to surge in the summer and it became apparent that his calls for the former president to take the problem in hand were just that, calls without a real plan of action. 

In addition to COVID-19 and the troop withdrawal, Americans have suffered surges in prices of goods, nationwide as supply chain issues abound. Additionally, less products and higher prices are exacerbated by the influx of migrants entering the United States illegally by the hundreds of thousands every month.