Biden’s approval collapses as administration faces multiple challenges

President Joe Biden might not be the savior of American democracy that Democrats voted for after all.

According to Breitbart, the 46th president is not doing well, as far as polling numbers within a president’s first 100 days. A Washington Post survey revealed that his approval rating is hovering around 52%, which is the lowest in modern American history aside from former Presidents Gerald Ford and Donald Trump, during the same time frame. 

Trump’s low numbers at the beginning of his term undoubtedly were a cause of the unsubstantiated, mainstream media-driven hate and negative coverage after he walloped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an election that everyone was sure she would easily win.

Ford’s low approval numbers when he took office were likely the result of him not being elected by the people but as a result of replacing former President Richard Nixon, leaving Biden — who secured some 81 million votes in the 2020 election — with little room for excuses other than he’s just not doing a good job, so far.

Of Biden’s 52% net approval rating, only 34% in the equation “strongly” approved of his performance so far in the White House. The remaining 18% only “somewhat” approved.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, Biden scored a 42% disapproval rating, with 35% “strongly” disapproving of his performance and 7% “somewhat” disapproving, which, in a nutshell, means Biden has a lot of work to do in order to bump those numbers up.

His less-than-stellar numbers probably shouldn’t be surprising, given the number of challenges that his administration is currently facing, with the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border and the administration’s lackluster response easily topping the list.

Depending on how Biden finishes out the first half of his term and how his administration ultimately handles the challenges and controversies they face will likely play a massive role in whether or not he’ll stand even a remote chance at re-election in 2024.