Biden’s approval collapses as administration faces multiple challenges

President Joe Biden might not be the savior of American democracy that Democrats voted for after all.

According to Breitbart, the 46th president is not doing well, as far as polling numbers within a president’s first 100 days. A Washington Post survey revealed that his approval rating is hovering around 52%, which is the lowest in modern American history aside from former Presidents Gerald Ford and Donald Trump, during the same time frame. 

Trump’s low numbers at the beginning of his term undoubtedly were a cause of the unsubstantiated, mainstream media-driven hate and negative coverage after he walloped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an election that everyone was sure she would easily win.

Ford’s low approval numbers when he took office were likely the result of him not being elected by the people but as a result of replacing former President Richard Nixon, leaving Biden — who secured some 81 million votes in the 2020 election — with little room for excuses other than he’s just not doing a good job, so far.

Of Biden’s 52% net approval rating, only 34% in the equation “strongly” approved of his performance so far in the White House. The remaining 18% only “somewhat” approved.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, Biden scored a 42% disapproval rating, with 35% “strongly” disapproving of his performance and 7% “somewhat” disapproving, which, in a nutshell, means Biden has a lot of work to do in order to bump those numbers up.

His less-than-stellar numbers probably shouldn’t be surprising, given the number of challenges that his administration is currently facing, with the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border and the administration’s lackluster response easily topping the list.

Depending on how Biden finishes out the first half of his term and how his administration ultimately handles the challenges and controversies they face will likely play a massive role in whether or not he’ll stand even a remote chance at re-election in 2024.

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  1. Don’t lie Schif that’s all he has done. Schumer also has done nothing but lies and try’s to make Congress fit the democratic horrible behavior. The Swamp is just trying to make sure Trump is not going to be president. Now that he’s president all hell breaks loose. Impeachment him 2 Times by Pelosi swampy hypocrisy is 2 faced hating Trump by trying anything they can to change the numbers for the democratic not we have a dementia dictator joe who comes out with EO’S which isn’t USA ways . Trying to destroy Trump Biden is demented he is ill and he should have never ever ran for president so since that’s happening and he is a dementia dictator joe who isn’t working for the USA people but for control of power, it’s all about taking everything away. who’s isn’t for the American people. It’s just to take away the good plans from Trump and is out to screw the world since trump has done a great job and need to make sure he doesn’t win. Stop the dirty swamp and rigging the election so that’s why they bring in a old man who has lost his marbles. Nit look what the dementia dictator joe has done with the great work that trump has done and Biden’s win is a criminal election fraud. Proof of faurd is there so we must recount the votes to find all the faurd that has happened and we all know it..

    1. There’s no doubt that Biden didn’t receive more votes then any other president from the security of his basement bunker and his 1 or 2 drive through rally. Were not stupid and its clear to see exactly how the commies pulled this off. Unfortunately the balless Republicans we have elected don’t seem to be interested in getting to the bottom of this treasonous act against the will of the people. Obviously scary uncle Joe is a shell of his former self and one must be out of their mind to think he could successfully run the free world. The vice president was picked as a token black women and not the best or most qualified for the job. Just the democrat/ commie continuing to use the black voters as they always have in the past. This is exactly why all you hear now is racism. They always call others exactly what they are guilty of. Never fails they always rat themselves out.

      1. His approval rating should be 0% but of course you have brain dead Liberals that couldn’t find Canada on a map if they had too.

        1. Fake 52% approval!!!! it as FAKE as BM as NFL, as MSM. as the donkeys in Congress. If you told me its at 2% i would still doubt who those are who voted for him. Our country is in a
          state of DISASTER and the WORLD knows it!

          1. No clue how 52% could be valid number. Has to be much lower. Anyone with a brain, would say get rid of the bastard 9, one way or the other. And Harris and her cabal is just as bad. Notice that when she laughs, she is usually trying to get around a question she had been asked

          2. Yes, the world knowing it is what scares me. Biden is doing such a dis-service to our country and making us look weak instead o0f strong. He never won he stole the election and he told us ahead of time he was going to steal it by extensive fraud he knew was set up.

    2. The more the dems reverse Trumps policies, the more they prove Trumps ways were the right way. When you keep digging yourself into a hole, the first thing you should do to get out……Is stop digging.

    3. even the surveys are bogus. We all know that the way you ask the question, the order you ask the question and the people you ask to participate all change the result. bidens real approval is likely in the 20% range.

    4. I concur with everything that you have stated,,,,and add the following,, Ol’ Sluffin’ Joe probably won’t “keep” for long, and then we have to worry about which outlaw will be shifted into the Oval Office. We surely won’t be fortunate enough to have the “Most INFLUENCIAL” heirs to the throne get in there,,,(There are too any that are all vying for the position of TOP DONKEY), and that might be the blessing that America needs!! Not to insult anyone, but that IS the Dumbocraps Insignia! I guess that with KAAMMMMY being President, and PELOSER as Vice President, and Schummer at Speaker,,,how would that stack up??? I think that by that time, AMERICA might WAKE UP, and realize just how inept they are!! MAYBE THEY WOULD ALL BE IMPEACHED BY AN AMERICA THAT UNDERSTANDS JUST HOW CROOKED THEY HAVE BEEN??!!

      1. I agree. It’s bad enough now, how much worse can it get? Someone of those others are controlling Biden. He certainly has no brains to fall back on.

    5. Biden is nothing more than a scumbag looking to destroy the integrity of our country? He should be put back in his basment to die! His Bimbo should crawl back in the hole she came from! God Help this Country.

    1. That must be the case as I would never give him more than 10% and even that is high considering. This poll mentioned has to be false as there are not that many stupid people in our country I would hope.

      1. cozycalico…this survey isn’t any better than the others…the poll people have the result predetermined before conducting anyone….you know the dem poll people will get what they want by calling jungle residents so there is no reason to give the poll any credibility….

    2. I agree that must be the 100 total Democrat’s voting. Please stop the fake bullsh^^ bo and ai mean nobody believes it. Just makes us trust you less and less if there is a less than the bottom,

      1. The only thing less than this administration is whale sh-t. Our constitutional rights are being driven into the ground by a party that can’t control their own side of the isle let alone our country (USA). Better than 20% of the people on this administration should not be there and the other 80% are criminals including Mr. Biden. Who you noticed I did not call president. Trump is my President until proven otherwise. And that’s impossible because of the visibility of fraud on TV, that even Stevie Wonder could see. And I love Stevie Wonder. Republicans need to start making it happen now.

  2. Sorry to say he is almost “pathetic” I still cannot understand why anyone would vote for him and harris.

      1. Whomever wrote this article , is very easily misled, and braindead or brainwashed, you choose, 52% approval, and 81 million votes, come on are you really that stupid.

        1. I could not agree more. We need to line all the corrupt federal employees a.nd shot them one by one. Start with Soros and Obmama nigga. Clintons,Pelosi, the squad, and all the rest of the Dem scum


      1. 330,000,000 include young children and babies who cannot vote. The number that is being used is eligible voters and illegal voters of which I have not heard how many of each are included in the number.

    1. BUT WHO SAYS THAT MENTALLY as well as PHYSICALLY DEMENTIA JOE IS NOT REALLY DEAD , Rather a mechanized Embalming is currently on Display???

  3. What should we do next? We tried protesting but people were arrested for the same things blm was encouraged to do! Pelosi called it an insurrection instead of a protest! I’m old and can’t do much but I Spaulding everyone who marched that day! I’m sorry two innocent people died but it has happened in blm protest also with no consequences! Until ALL people are treated equally we will have hatred! Biden better wake up because he has grandchildren who will suffer from his divisions as well as our children! He so dumb he doesn’t even realize he’s being manipulated but Harris the laughing hyena is even worse! So what can we do but vote vote vote them out! And if we get. Republican congress impeach all of them


  5. Wake me up when this NIGHTMARE is OVER, that is “IF” we survive at all over the next few years. By that time we will be overrun at the border and all we will have is more vagrants like we have now, just hope they STAY at the DEMWITT run states like CA, NY, IL, WA, OR and the rest of the DEMWITT run states. We should start thinking about stopping them at our state borders or at the Mason Dixon line!

  6. what power do we have to remove polosi, schumer, biden, harris. They used all their efforts to impeach Trump with a battery of LIES to the max, What is wrong with these people? Are Americans really that STUPID to believe their endless lies? If we can get rid of Newsome.. why can’t with biden, harris, pelosi, schumer, nadler? How do the Chinese people get rid of their communist leaders?

  7. It’s all lie’s. That’s all they know is to cheat and build up an approval rating that is totally off base.
    His approval rating shouldn’t be above 25%.
    His destruction of thousands and thousands of jobs in his first week alone show’s where we’re heading and this
    just the beginning.
    Then on top of that is their total control of how and where we can go out in public. Now that pin head is stating “He may allow” us to gather in small groups for the 4th of July.
    They never ever give us a ray of hope, it’s always doom and gloom.
    Individuals are placed in positions that they have no experience, just to spread their vision of “diversity” which is
    a total outlandish joke.
    In Chicago alone every single political position is held by a black person and which every one of them are a Democrat, zero Republicans.
    No diversity there.
    And what about the crisis at our southern boarder. It’s funny not one single Democratic politician has gone down there
    in which if they did, it would verify that the crisis is in fact a true event. In their eye’s if they don’t see it it doesn’t exist.
    There are ten’s of thousands of minor’s at the boarder that are sleeping on dirt floor’s, no running water and are at the mercy of the cartel. Our law enforcement personnel are not allowed to be doing their scheduled jobs they’re too busy with paperwork and trying to keep the minor’s safe from exploitation which is rampant from the time they leave their homes in who knows what country.

  8. All the people I discuss politics with are past supporting Biden. They might have voted for him, but they don’t like him now.

  9. I wish there was a way to can Joe, his son Hunter, Kamala, Nancy, and a guy named Schumer. They are all corrupt and ought to not be part of our lives. I would say reform them, but that is not gonna work.

  10. Have you ever noticed all the polls are 45 or 50% approval rating no matter what? Biden’s have to be closer to 5% to be accurate.

  11. There is no way in hell this ding bat gets better marks than Trump did. The phony BS the media is putting out is simply a lie. They have grown so accustom to having the populace believe their bunk they couldn’t stand to have the truth published. Since MSM is going to only publish lies there is no reason to read it anymore, until there is a media source to be believed.

  12. Don’t believe ANY “poll” numbers you read nowadays! Especially ones done by “media” or “universities”! Guaranteed skewed! 52% approval? HaHaHa!

  13. All That I know is Biden must be a black want a be Obama taught him that or get his butt kicked by blm and if he had any balls to run the country then the action that took place they would be serving time at hard labor guess what would of happens if they were a white race. Where did they come up with the white card all I know is I had to work for what I wanted or needed from the old age of 5 years old and as I got older the more I had to work. Made me a strong person mentally and physically. Nobody gave me any thing. Take care and “GOD BLESS” . OFF HIS TROLLEY BIDEN

  14. Well at least Biden can’t fool or bribe from the polls. Can’t wait to hear the malarkey coming out of his mouth and/or Harris mouth if she says anything tonight. Nooo she’ll be in hiding from the press so they can’t ask her about 1/3 of the 100 days in office about going to the border. I want to hear from Bidens mouth about the border patrol having to learn Spanish. This country was built by many different cultures and the country mainly speaks ENGLISH just because Biden and 2nd in charge pee-on wants these ILLIGAL ALIENS TO come here illegally by the CONSITUTION of UNITED STATES as these democrats seem to turn they’re heads and do this illegally. Also this is the UNITED States of America and not Mexico or the other countries from South America about 3/4 of United States speaks English not Spanish, irainan, Iraq, or Soviet and the border patrol do not have to speak it.

  15. China Joe never has had any approval rating. What we did see was the lamest campaign going. Donors to that party need to ask themselves where all the money went. No rallies, but a lot of mt parking lot drive throughs and not in greenie sanctioned vehicle’s.

  16. The election was stolen real Americans wouldn’t of voted for this peice of excerment and democrats politicians are raping the people and stealing money. Don’t think for one minute all the trillions of dollars don’t get siphoned into Pelosi Schumer and the other pockets.

  17. If BO BO Biden rating is 52% I think that HE!! is frozen over and GOD is not going to let that happen. Because there has got to be a place for the Demlorcraps and others so called repubrats to stay for eternety, they have earned it and it will be given to them. GOD is good and will keep his promise to them.

  18. From what I have read the 52% approval rating was based on mainly democratic voters so of course they are going to approve of the job he is doing, the Biden administration is a joke most of the people he has are Obama people so we can see that Obama is one of the ones pulling Biden’s strings with all the half baked ideas that Biden is coming up with

  19. ALL these elected career politicians have skeletons… Someone knows something about somebody and everyone of them are keeping their mouths shut to protect their own butt! Allowing congress to vote their own raises….without public knowledge! Sounds like depraved indifference! The best politicians are resting comfortably, miles above. While the rest are 6 feet under, hard pressed to grow mold, let alone Daisies.

  20. 03/26/2021-NBC Today Show-Joe Biden spits & sputters that his Administration had already provided vaccinations to 140 million Americans. He then followed up with the statement that his administration plans to administer 200 million more vaccinations within the next month. What is the estimated population in the United States? If one looks at their numbers of how many people that have died from the COVID-19 virus which Joe said was over 129,000 over a month ago, shouldn’t everybody in America either have had the vaccination or be dead? Just asking for a friend with a calculator AND a Brain.

  21. joe Biden and the left are traitors and have become a terroristic threat to our country and something needs to be done about it

  22. In bidens empty brain he can only brag about what a great job he is doing….lmao he is delusional…worst idiot president in history a laughing stock of every country….loss of jobs..higher gas prices…raising taxes…disaster at pur borders…causing race riots…on & on

  23. Talk is cheap its all talk post the truth if he is not capable of leading this country do what is right kick him out now lies lies lies that’s all we here
    Kick pislosi out with him she needs to be tried she is a criminal what is our nation waiting on

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