Biden yells at reporters attempting to clarify whether his administration will pay millions to migrants separated at the border

President Joe Biden lost his cool on Saturday when a reporter asked him to clarify the answer to a question where he and White House officials were offering contradicting statements. 

According to Red State the president “start screaming at the reporter” who followed up on the payments for migrants separated from their families at the border under the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” illegal immigration policy.

Biden said at a presser in the middle of last week that the payments, which could total as much as $450,000 a person, were “garbage” and wouldn’t happen. 

Just a day later a White House official contradicted him, saying that settlements are being negotiated that could reach that amount.

On Saturday, when questioned again, Biden doubled down on his comments and began to yell at the reporter who asked:


While no doubt shocking for the reporter in question, this isn’t the first time Biden has shown an extreme amount of emotion when he is confronted about conflicting stores from his administration. 

However, instead of clarifying anything about the statements he made, addressing the White House’s contradiction or even just plain repeating his stance, he says he did not say “that” and then says “that” again. 

A video from his earlier comments on the subject clarifies what the president said previously on the subject:

Biden was referencing the policy that separated illegal immigrant families at the southern border of the United States which was set up on a court precedent called d the Flores decision which allowed children to be released into the custody of a family member and detained adults.