Biden virus guru panics, says hospitals will collapse in 2-3 weeks

If you had any doubts that a Biden administration would take a different approach to coronavirus messaging than Trump, here’s your answer.

While the Trump administration appeared to value a calming and optimistic approach to public statements on the virus, Dr. Michael Osterholm, a member of former Vice President Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, just predicted that hospitals will be “collapsing in the next two to three weeks.”

That’s a hysterical claim that isn’t backed up by the evidence. It’s pretty much the definition of fear-mongering. A quick look at the CDC data shows that while the US appears to be experiencing a “third wave,” both hospitalizations and mortality are lower than in the spring, when hospitals were less prepared than they are now for surges in demand. And despite hysterical media coverage in the spring, the hospital system did not collapse.

That hasn’t stopped the usual suspects, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, from throwing caution, and our rights, to the wind.

The problem is that under a Biden presidency, all of America has the potential to become Gavin Newsom’s California, Andrew Cuomo’s New York, or Gretchen Whitmer’s Michigan. That should chill all of us.

Meanwhile, President Trump is doing the one thing that has the potential to slow the spread of Covid – getting the vaccines into the hands of the vulnerable.

Fox reports:

Meanwhile, General Gustave Perna, chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed, laid out a vaccine distribution plan, saying vaccines would be shipped within 24 hours of Emergency Use Authorization and people would be getting vaccinated within another 24 hours.

Perna said that the Pfizer vaccine would immediately be transported to UPS and Fedex facilities for distribution and dry ice kits would be delivered to sites of vaccine administration. He said his team had already prepared 100 million ancillary kits containing needles, alcohol swabs, etc. and were preparing to distribute them at the same time.

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  1. They think they are going to control We The People I have one thing to say! They are anyone else will never control me or my family. And corrupt Biden will never be my president. I will not take any vaccines they come out with and the reason why is it is going to be the mark of the beast I encourage everyone to look it up bill gates and fauci are both involved in making this faux vaccine it is for the new world order it will take your life don’t take anything from this corrupt government unless you just don’t care.

  2. This is just the tip of the ice berg. If Biden does get into the White hiuse( God forbid!) ALL of obuttheads agenda will be back on track, and all the good things President Trump has done tossed onto the scrap heap along with all of us! But “ the old sniffer” won’t be president, the “ califonia ho” will be, and Obutthead will be right there with her. We will be in a war in less than six months, —- and isis will be back with a vengeance, worse than before. Our military will be defunded and reduced, our police as well, higher taxes, our oil and coal industries gone, Medicare and social security reduced or gone, our rights and freedoms gone. We will be “ slaves of the state” and expendable if we don’t comply! Hello fema camps! But they will be for only Christians and “ chump deplorables” the Republicans! Get ready for hell on earth!

    1. Patty I was just reading another article where they are basically saying that Republicans need to be reprogrammed. So yeah I’m thinking FEMA reeducation camps will be popping up all over the place . But don’t you worry , because it’s only in our best interests ! I pray that Trump wins this election but if he doesn’t then I guess we get what we deserve! Why should God put our best interests first when we have pushed Him almost entirely out of this country ? This country as a whole should be on its knees praying for redemption . Begging our Lord God to forgive us ! ! ! Bring Him back into our schools , in our families into our everyday lives . I’m truly not trying to preach because I am not worthy of that honor as I have wandered away from God in last few years . So when I say we I really mean myself and my fellow Americans . God forgive us in Jesus name I pray .Amen .

  3. I*’m far more concerned that Biden,Obama and more of his Cohorts haven’t ben charged for
    Treason for high crimes & misdemeanors against We the People. They sold us out and should be
    charged under the Rico Statutes. For instance I don’t remember Consenting to Sell Uranium to Russia.
    By the way Obama had to know what Joe was up to in Ukraine and China and yet did nothing to stop it.
    What did Joe offer the Chinese for the Billion his kid got? I could go on and on but I do know this Donnie
    is saving America in spite of all the Criminals in Congress Who Hate America

  4. Curfew? Most are in bed at that time unless they work nights. So what good is a curfew? Just another way our Democratic government can dictate to us. Before long you will have to call and ask to go to the restroom,

  5. I hate Biden everything is says is lie, he and his whole family need to prosecuted for corruption, and Obama for his dishonesty. Plus all democrats

    1. I agree!! We have seen the proof but nothing is done to punish them. If you are a criminal…best be a Democrat one….you will never be prosecuted apparently.


    1. Every adult, every child, grandchild, anyone who has a TV, comuter, should bring up the movie
      made in 1956 George Orwell’s “1984” and see the similarities of what is happening today and what
      will happen soon if we don’t take back our country. Folks I watched this movie when I was a kid and it scared
      me then and it scares me today. We are headed right into the depth of 1984.
      I would watch the original movie of 1956 but there is a remake also you could watch after the original.
      If this doesn’t wake you up nothing will.

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