Biden torches unvaccinated Americans during presser, refuses to take questions

Even with plummeting polling numbers on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Joe Biden still can’t seem to comprehend that his current approach to tens of millions of unvaccinated Americans is obviously not working, and actually detrimental not only to his chances of reelection but also for Democratic candidates in general.

According to The Daily Wire, during a COVID-19 press briefing on Tuesday, not only did the 79-year-old president refuse to take questions, he also resorted to scolding unvaccinated Americans, which likely lowered his approval rating once again, not that he’s even remotely aware of what’s happening. 

As he’s done in the past, Biden dove right into fearmongering, warning that America’s unvaccinated will be responsible for the surge in hospitalizations this winter, similar to his warnings last year of the “dark winter of death” ahead.

Doubling down, the president insisted that there’s “no excuse” for any American to still be unvaccinated, and he conveniently skipped over the fact that millions of the latest cases of the virus have occurred in double- and triple-vaccinated individuals.

“So there’s no excuse!” Biden said. “No excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we gotta make more progress.”

Amazingly, he then decided to take parental control of every American child too young to receive the vaccine, urging parents to “surround” them with vaccinated people.

“And for parents with kids who are too young to be vaccinated, surround your kids with people who are vaccinated. And make sure you’re masking in public so you don’t get COVID and give it to your kids,” the president added.

One would think that if Democrats learned anything at all this year, it’s that parents of virtually every political stripe do not approve of the U.S. government telling them how to be parents.

With a room full of reporters, Biden, as he typically does, got up and walked away as they shouted reasonable questions, especially during this new state of confusion with oftentimes conflicting information coming from the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). What a disaster.