Biden to sign declaration on migration at major summit

President Joe Biden will be signing a declaration on migration and illegal immigration at the Summit of the Americas on Friday, according to The Hill

While the scope of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration isn’t known, a senior administration official said that it “is an unprecedented and ambitious step by the United States and regional partners to work together to address the migration crisis in a comprehensive manner.”

In addition, Biden would speak at the summit in Los Angeles about rallying leaders around the “bold new plan that is centered on responsibility sharing and economic support for countries that have been most impacted by refugees and migration.”

The summit has already been beset by controversy, as the Biden administration has excluded strongman leftist governments in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from participating.

This has led to Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador to pull out of the summit after threatening to do so for weeks.

However, officials remain confident the government will sign onto the migration declaration.

“We are very confident that the countries that will sign on to the Declaration on Migration will be committed to its goals and that includes—just to clarify—that includes Mexico,” the official said.

They noted Mexico had been “a full participant” in its development.

“We believe in every way that they are fully committed to it,” the official said.

While the contents of the declaration aren’t necessarily known — and, indeed, still merely exists in draft form — Bloomberg reported Tuesday that a sketch of the document viewed by the outlet involves “commitments to provide financial support for nations dealing with an influx of migrants, improving cooperation on controlling flows and providing legal jobs.”

“The declaration, while written by US officials, is the result of months of work to build consensus among countries in the region and incorporates their input, according to people familiar with the plan, who asked not to be identified without permission to speak publicly,” Bloomberg reported.

We may get a better idea about what the plan is to include on Wednesday, however; officials said the declaration is tied to the economic agenda Biden will lay out during his inaugural ceremony speech.

“The economic agenda will focus on five areas, including reinvigorating regional economic institutions and mobilizing investments, updating the social contract between governments and people, creating a resilient supply chain, a focus on decarbonization, biodiversity, and clean energy jobs, and creating sustainable and inclusive trade,” The Hill reported.