Biden suffers mental confusion during appearance with South Korean president

In addition to being a self-described “gaffe machine,” President Joe Biden has been the subject of increasing concerns about his apparent cognitive decline due to a seemingly endless catalogue of verbal faux pas, and an appearance Friday with South Korean President Moon Jae-in did little to dispel those worries, as WND reports.

During the joint event, Biden began to describe the manner in which delegations from the two countries “will work together to address the challenges of our time,” highlighting the need for cooperation on pandemic-related matters, climate change, and fostering technological advancement.

When expounding on the latter priority, Biden became entangled in a confusion of terminology, declaring, “This includes everything from strengthening our cybersecurity to deepening our cooperation to built out an open secure G5 network,” apparently intending to reference next-generation cellular infrastructure, but instead using the moniker of a group of five developing countries considered to be nearly on-par with the G7 industrialized nations. Watch:

Biden’s malapropism was just the latest embarrassment to plague the visit of South Korean dignitaries to Washington, D.C. Also on Friday, during an event in which the Medal of Honor was bestowed on a 94-year-old veteran of the Korean War, the commander in chief mistakenly referred to Moon as “prime minister,” rather than president of the Asian nation, as the New York Post noted.

Unfortunately, the hits just kept coming for members of the Biden administration as they attempted to display graciousness to their foreign guests. Vice President Kamala Harris drew ridicule as well on Friday, for her conduct during a joint appearance with Moon.

Commentators and social media users alike were aghast when Harris, after shaking hands with the Korean president, immediately wiped her right hand on her clothing in a gesture seen by many as incredibly insulting, as Fox News noted. Watch:

Fox News host Sean Hannity last week declared Biden to be “a hollow shell of his former self,” adding that his evident cognitive impairment is not just sad to witness, but also represents a grave national security risk, given the extreme weakness it projects on the world stage. After the bumbling White House performances observed during Moon’s visit, it is difficult to disagree.

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9 Responses

  1. This entire administration is a joke and the sooner they are out of the Whitehouse the better it will be.

  2. It’s very sad that his wife especially wants him to make all of us targets just so she and the clan can have the power to be in the Whitehouse! She is one sad so and so along with Pelosi obamas and everyone else who is not caring about his health!!

  3. Biden is sick and he is making the US look weak and foolish. Impeach this man and the worthless harris.

  4. It needs to be faced. This has gone way beyond gaffes! This is full-blown at least second or third stage dementia! How people cannot see it is beyond me. A gaffe is when you once in a while say something wrong or make a mistake it is NOT not being able to remember what you were saying, where you are, or how to pronounce words.

    There must be something that can be done to punish those who perpetrated this hoax and let it continue. This man is sick and should not be in any office. He should be home (for as long as he knows where home is), resting, and taking meds. He should NOT be speaking with world leaders. He should not be giving speeches that affect everyone in the United States. He should NOT be anywhere near the red button or involved in serious affairs. His family, wife, handlers, and anyone involved with the elderly abuse of this man should be punished! And that includes Jill, Kamala, Nancy, Obama (if he is the one controlling things as some say), and anyone else involved!

  5. This country is in danger with Biden,Harris these two need to be impeached .Biden is on bad shape I know everyone is talking about him .who is in charge to take this guy out .Republicans, Democrats see he is a danger so do what needs to be done to take him one is running this country as we see it going down inflames and no one in Washington is doing a damn thing .so many things going on that need to be revised back to Trumps policies it was great it was working.everyone felt safe he did not take crap off anyone he did it his way and it was great.he is the best we have ever had in office that knew what he was doing and did it well.Biden,Harris are fake never won the election any way they know it this is why they are failing at everything they do and will continue to fail until they admit the election was a fraud,criminals took over and look what the country got .these two are about as worthless as blind leading the blind with no experience at all at anything.

    1. Vickie; Trump and the military have things under control. They are allowing the shysters and criminal politicians to hang themselves. Don’t worry, BE HAPPY, everything is going to be OK! ! !

    1. You got that right! We are in for the worst 4 years I think in history if Biden or Harris are in power that long. Biden has dementia and it is on full display and Harris has no brain either. She can’t speak any better then Biden and that awful giggle she displays is so annoying. She giggles like a teenager. For Teenagers it is acceptable but not for a grown woman. I can’t stand to look at her face and I can’t stand to look at Biden either as both completely turn me off with their nonsense.

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