Biden slammed for ‘liberal limousine’ hypocrisy over 85-car motorcade

President Joe Biden, who in the past has emphasized a need to fight the “climate crisis,” was in Rome over the weekend for the G20 summit, and he used the opportunity to criticize foreign nations over their level of “commitment” to fighting climate change.

But the president, who was also scheduled to attend a climate change summit in Scotland on Monday, was slammed as a hypocrite for reportedly traveling around the area in an 85-car motorcade.

“With regard to the disappointment, the disappointment relates to the fact that … not only Russia but China basically didn’t show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change,” Biden said at a news conference in Rome on Sunday, according to Politico.

“And there’s a reason why people should be disappointed in that,” he added. “I found it disappointing myself.”

Biden should try practicing what he preaches, according to commentators who couldn’t help but point out the ecological footprint his visit to the area left.

For instance, Biden needed an 85-car motorcade to cruise around the city on Friday, Washington Post reporter Seung Min King said in a pool report, the New York Post reported.

“Biden arriving at the Vatican. His motorcade is lonnnnnng,” Washington Post Rome bureau chief Chico Harlan added on Twitter.

The social media reaction said it all:

According to Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe, Democrats like Biden are only concerned with “virtual signaling.”

“The issue of climate change is a limousine liberal issue,” Boothe said on “The Big Saturday Show.”

“The Republican Party has turned into the party for the American worker, and Democrats are the party for coastal elites. This issue alone underscores that point,” she added.

Democrats’ actions show they don’t actually care about the environment, Boothe said.

“If Democrats actually cared about emissions, they would look toward things like natural gas, nuclear power as well,” she said. “But they don’t care about these issues. They don’t care about emissions. All they care about is virtue-signaling to their other limousine liberal friends.”