Biden signs executive orders wiping out Trump immigration gains

It’s getting real out there. Now that Joe Biden has officially taken over, we’re about to see a massive regression, dismantling all the progress that the Trump administration created.

In one swift move, Joe Biden has toppled President Trump’s entire “America First” immigration policy, as well as made substantial cuts into Trump’s business-friendly climate policies.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden early Wednesday morning announced 17 orders that he plans to sign hours after taking office. These include reversals of Trump’s climate policies, as well as his immigration stances, his coronavirus response, and his policies on sexual orientation. Biden’s immigration orders, in effect, undo some of the outgoing administration’s hardest-fought victories at the Supreme Court.

Of course, it’s not actually Biden that’s driving the burst of activity – it’s his team. Biden is nothing but a figurehead for the radical left, and they’re taking full advantage.

While Biden mouthed platitudes about healing, the radical left calls for prosecution of its enemies, the institution of secret police, the tearing down of border walls, and the destruction of all fossil fuels.

It’s about to get really bad.