Biden shredded by pundits from both parties for his performance in August

To say President Joe Biden had a rough August would be an understatement, but according to commentators from both sides of the political aisle, the 46th president faces legitimate political trouble moving forward.

As the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard revealed in his latest “Weekly Biden Report Card,” the president scored dreadful grades from both Democratic and Republican pundits, mostly hinged around his foreign policy debacle in Afghanistan, but combined with bad job growth numbers and a plummeting approval rating, Biden’s in hot water.

John Zogby, the founder of the Zogby Poll, senior partner at John Zogby Strategies and Democratic pollster, issued Biden a “D+” for his performance in August, citing a number of unfavorable recent polls that shows Americans aren’t exactly confident in the president on a number of big issues.

“Biden has got to get things under control. He is being forceful in his decision to leave Afghanistan, and voters agree with him. But huge numbers do not support how the evacuation has played out,” Zogby wrote.

While Zogby towed the party line by pointing to former President Donald Trump’s polling numbers during this phase of his presidency and blaming the low job numbers on the resurgence of COVID-19, he managed to admit that Biden is having trouble.

“But he needs victories,” Zogby wrote. “Getting pounded by the press, together with an economy that is only growing for some, will not do.”

Jed Babbin, a Washington Examiner contributor and former official in George H.W. Bush’s administration, unsurprisingly — and accurately — handed Biden a big, fat “F,” beginning his assessment by writing, “Biden had another week during which his performance didn’t rise to a high enough standard that it could be graded as merely deplorable.”

He dialed in on Biden’s disastrous, humiliating exit from Afghanistan and made sure to remind readers that the U.S. president literally left Americans stranded behind enemy lines in a country now controlled by a terrorist faction that we’re supposed to trust.

“Biden and Blinken insist we are going to work with the Taliban to continue to get Americans out of Afghanistan. Maybe this means we’ll be paying billions in ransom to get them out. Stay tuned,” Babbin concluded.