Biden SHATTERED by major defeat in Senate

Joe Biden has been handed his first major defeat in the U.S. Senate.

Breitbart reports:

President Joe Biden faces his first major defeat in the Senate as his nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget Neera Tanden meets Democrat opposition.

Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV) announced Friday afternoon that he would oppose Tanden’s confirmation.

“I believe her overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next director of the Office of Management and Budget,” he said in a statement.

Joe Manchin is an interesting case. As a moderate Democrat (one of the last ones, along with Tulsi Gabbard), he’s in a unique position to keep the radical left in check.

That’s going to come into play on several major issues, including packing the Supreme Court, Puerto Rico statehood, and eliminating the filibuster. It must grind gears on the left that Manchin is siding with Republicans here.

Breitbart notes:

Tanden’s history of activism and social media vitriol against Republicans and even leftist Democrats has won her few friends in the Senate, despite an attempt to apologize for her past statements. She even panned Biden in 2015 when she was pushing for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to win the Democrat primary for 2015.

This is the first sign that Manchin is willing to assert his independence from the Biden administration, rather than serve as a rubber stamp of approval.

It also shows that Biden cannot afford to lose one Senate Democrat on his massive $1.9 trillion spending package he plans to pass with a simple majority using budget reconciliation.

Manchin’s willingness to buck Biden on his nominee suggests that he and other Senate Democrats may use their power to dramatically alter Biden’s plan to push through as quickly as politically possible.

This is a very good sign as we go into 2021.

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33 Responses

  1. I used to like the democratic party, but lately they are showing their true colors and screwing the American people. We need to stand up to these bullies in Congress and do what is right for the people they represent.

  2. Just a front, beware of any dem doing what is deamed as the correct action. None can be trusted remember everything they say or do is an agenda!

  3. Manchin better be careful & looking over his shoulder all the time. “Accidents” happen! Im glad he is not a rubber stamp!! We need more like him!!

  4. Hoping it’s true that Biden and the Democrats won’t be able to fully implement their radical leftist agenda. So much for Biden’s lying “unity” appeal for votes.

  5. I applaud Senator Manchin standing strong for America. They all should be doing what is best for our country and people. Both parties have too many who put their party, pocketbook, thirst for power, vindictiveness, you name it before our country and people. That is not why you are there people.., time for a do over in DC!

  6. Hope manchin can get sinema on board to oppose this nominee! The more opposition the better, to stop the insanity plaguing our government now.

    1. You know Steve…….better watch it there…..if the radical left doesn’t get you, the anti-religious zealots and atheist will. My God….I think the left can make spins beyond anything Hollywood could ever come up with.

    2. Same here! I had to smile…. What were they thinking when they picked her to represent our country.. I’m really curious what the French President thinks of her… not the nice -nice but HONESTLY!

  7. Joe Menchin ,proud of you for not being a puppet to Biden and standing to make you own decision on this dont always have to agree with the party if you feel it’s not right .dont always just be a rubber stamp think for your self not just agreeing with your party.

    1. Thank You Sen. Joe Machine for standing up for your belief’s. So proud of you. So sad there aren’t many more Democrats like you.
      Again, Thank You

      1. I agree….now I’m praying that our 2 senators from Michigan can show that they have a backbone and that they are not sheep that just follow the rest!

    2. Let me help the author of this article: It’s not President Biden, it’s CHICOM Biden!! There, I fixed it for this author!

      1. Prez Xiden…
        They will be feeling more of those slap-in-face actions
        MUCH a more
        Especially if the Rino-oh’s and demonRats realize their careers are really OVER!!!!!

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