Biden sees sharp drop in job approval numbers in latest Gallup poll

Just over six months into his first term, President Joe Biden doesn’t appear to be the return on investment for which his 81 million voters were hoping.

According to The Hill, Biden, 78, is slipping in the latest round of polls that measure his approval rating. In the most recent Gallup opinion poll, the president experienced a sharp drop of six percentage points, creating a new approval rating low of 50% in the process.

Not surprisingly, when observed from a partisan viewpoint, Biden’s support is virtually non-existent among Republican voters. Only 12% felt that the president deserved positive marks for his performance on the job, so far.

In contrast, Biden seems to be holding his own with Democratic voters, as 90% gave the president a positive job approval rating. Only 48% of independents felt the same.

While the numbers for Democrats and independents might not appear to be terrible, the Gallup poll revealed that the numbers Biden scored in those particular categories mark his lowest to date.

The current president hit his highest approval rating — at 57% — in late January and into February, and then again in April. The Hill also noted that his second-quarter average job approval rating of 53% was higher than that of his predecessor, and former President Bill Clinton.

However, former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush both outscored Biden in his second-quarter average job approval rating, at 62% and 55.8%, respectively.

As far as reasons for Biden’s latest drop in approval from American voters, The Hill noted that fears of inflation, the COVID-19 resurgence, and a receding COVID-19 vaccination rate have all played a role in the latest dip.

Gallup pointed out that Biden is likely to experience an even steeper decline in his numbers, as most presidents experienced their most significant job approval ratings dip in the third quarter of their first year in office. With the state of America, combined with the pandemic and everything that goes along with it, it’s not unreasonable to predict that Biden’s job approval numbers could reach record lows in the coming months.