Biden seeks to raise tariffs on Candian lumber as prices continue to soar

As home builders and consumers alike continue to contend with rapidly soaring lumber costs, the Biden administration has affirmed its intention to double tariffs imposed on Canadian softwood products, as the Washington Examiner reports, a decision that could price increasing numbers of American consumers out of the new home market for the foreseeable future.

The move was announced by President Joe Biden’s Commerce Department late last week, and it would have the effect of raising tariffs on Canadian wood from 8.99% all the way to 18.32%, as Patrick Tyrrell of the Heritage Foundation noted, at a time when lumber costs have increased by a startling 275% since April of last year, according to the Examiner.

In response to the administration’s decision, Chuck Fowke of the National Association of Home Builders said, “At a time when soaring lumber prices have added nearly $36,000 to the price of a new home…the Biden administration’s preliminary finding…to double the tariffs on Canadian lumber shipments…shows that White House does not care about the plight of American home buyers and renters who have been forced to pay much higher costs for housing.”

Fowke added that “The administration should be ashamed for casting its lot with special interest groups and abandoning the interests of the American people” and also asserted that the tariff increase will “further exacerbate the nation’s housing affordability crisis, put even more upward pressure on the price of lumber and force millions of U.S. homebuyers and lumber consumers to foot the bill for this ill-conceived protectionist action.”

Canadian minister of small business, export promotion and international trade, Mary Ng, also condemned the move, stating, “U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber products are a tax on the American people. They make housing less affordable for Americans and hinder economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic,” as the Heritage Foundation further noted.

Having achieved prior success in fighting increased U.S. lumber tariffs, Ng added, “We will keep challenging these unwarranted and damaging duties through all available avenues,” stating that Canada “remains confident that a negotiated solution…is not only possible, but in the best interest of both our countries.”

Not surprisingly, representatives of American lumber product manufacturers welcomed the news of the tariff boost, with Jason Brochu of the U.S. Lumber Coalition stating, “A level playing field is a critical element for continued investment and growth for U.S. lumber manufacturing to meet strong building demand and build more American homes.”

Brochu added, “More lumber being manufactured in America to meet domestic demand is a direct result of the trade enforcement, and we strongly urge the administration to continue this enforcement.”

As is often the case, as Tyrrell pointed out, policies such as the one just announced by the Biden administration may succeed in benefiting the few domestic lumber companies capable of commanding higher prices during a time of limited supply, but in the end, it is the American consumer who will likely suffer the most.

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    1. Absolutely he is and should never have been in the Oval Office. He is destroying America after Trump put America first and we were headed to the best America in modern times.

    1. Not me for sure. I have a brain that works and Biden doesn’t appear to have a working one.

  1. Biden obviously has no brains to think this one up! His team of Marxists are doing everything to bankrupt Americans! Hope all the Dumbobrats wake up and learn that Biden is only a talking head with a teleprompter regurgitating anything these Marxists are telling him to. A complete talking puppet, the man is absolutely brain dead.

  2. Another way of making the citizens of the U.S., who voted him into office, totally ticked off! He is going to push people too far! At first I thought another Civil War is brewing since he has been doing a job of dividing the people of the U.S., now I totally believe there’s going to be a WW3!!! He’s not exactly doing much to bring countries together much less the reuniting the people of the U.S. And, his VP is totally worthless, too (I just thought I’d mention that, too, while I’m at it!!!)

  3. Isn’t his crook of a brother a contractor?? Or is Hunter gonna start building govt funded housing for illegal aliens under the table contracted.. Usually there’s a one sided reason for his decisions.. Somebody has to pay for the meth.

  4. The sound one makes blowing through the lips while flipping the forefinger up and down them. There is nothing logical about this. Hasn’t he pissed off the Canadians enough with the Keystone crap?
    Let’s see what kin do deals he makes with Peking.

  5. Hey dumbo, put the tariff on whole logs being shipped out of the country. Get your head out from where the sun don’t shine!

  6. Well so far Biden has a wonderful track record of breaking every promise he made during that so called campaign trail. I hope all you democrats out there are proud for giving us this douche bag nozzle of a president. I hope you are all hit the hardest with his tax increases!

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