Biden scrambles as GOP senators come out strongly against HHS pick

Joe Biden has good reason to be worried about his cabinet picks – depending on the outcome of the Georgia runoff election, Republicans in the Senate could be in a position to block his more radical picks.

So why did Joe nominate abortion extremist Xavier Beccera for HHS secretary? You have to believe that Joe isn’t making his own decisions. Let’s now forget that Beccera is closely linked to fellow California radical Kamala Harris, who held the California AG’s job before him.

Now, Beccera’s nomination is causing major backlash among Republicans. Fox reports:

Republicans slammed President-elect Joe Biden after he announced his choice of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for secretary of Health and Human Services on Monday, and they criticized Becerra’s record on abortion and other issues.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said he would not vote to confirm Becerra, and pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List urged other Republican senators to “stop this unacceptable nomination from going forward.”

Now the only question is whether Republicans have the numbers to block Beccera’s nomination. A lot of that will depend on the election results in Georgia.

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  1. As CA’s AG Backers launched numerous law suites against POTUS’s immigration policies. He even bragged about himself being an illegal immigrant.

  2. Who will actually be the president if Biden wins. Will it be harris, pelosi, AOC, or one of the other squad members? We know it won’t be slow joe. It will be one of the closet communists or omar the racist. Good by america hello china.

  3. Becerra is against “free speech” for Americans. Watch out, he is a corrupt politician!
    He is in the same communist category as Kamala – two of a kind! America doesn’t need
    people of this kind as politicians, he only got elected because Californians on the dole didn’t want their welfare checks to be eliminated!

  4. Becerra is as radical as they come. As California A.G. he has shown his willingness in my opinion to do anything illegal or against the Constitution to establish his Rule. This man is as dangerous as Hitler and so are most of the leaders in the Democrat Party.Pure Evil!

  5. The best way to block joebama’s appointments is to keep control of the senate. He can’t get them in if a Republican controlled senate will not confirm them. So—— people of Georgia, this hangs in the balance! Get out and vote for the Republican candidates, help us keep our senate republicans controlled, it is up to YOU to stop abrams from stealing this run off election for the demonrat scum running in your state! Georgia voters, take control, get every republican in your state to the polls and VOTE for Perdue and Loeffler, and—- demand a recount in your state! It is YOUR right to do so. Do not let the demonrats run roughshod over you!

  6. I think it’s already planned for Biden, to leave soon after a short term, Kamala will become president, in which she will push to get a law or bill changed that will allow obama to be president again! They are all being led by George soros, he is actually the one to be running the country ( behind the curtain).and now you have Mark Zuckerberg, following in George Soros footsteps, making his billions of dollars in donations basically to ( buy) his way into politics and another behind the curtain of running the country.

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