Biden says Cuomo will ‘probably’ be prosecuted if misconduct claims found credible

Though there has been some dissension in the Democrat ranks about whether to demand that embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) resign amid mounting accusations of sexual misconduct, a subtle – yet unmistakable – shift has occurred in recent days.

After having remained relatively quiet on the controversy for several weeks, President Joe Biden said Tuesday that if a pending investigation in Cuomo’s actions confirms his guilt, he believes not only that the governor should leave office, but also that he will “probably” face criminal prosecution, according to ABC News.

During an interview with the president, ABC’s George Stephanopoulous confirmed Biden’s expressed desire to wait for the outcome of an investigation being conducted by New York’s attorney general, but then asked what he thought should happen if the allegations against Cuomo are confirmed.

In response, Biden said that indeed, Cuomo should step down under such circumstances, adding, “I think he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too.”

According to the New York Post, the Albany Police Department received formal notification earlier this month of a particular claim made by a former Cuomo staffer in which she said she was groped by the governor after having been summoned to the official residence to help troubleshoot a problem with his cell phone. Though the alleged victim did not file a formal complaint, the substance of the accusation would potentially leave Cuomo vulnerable to prosecution, as a source familiar with the situation told the Post.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett penned an op-ed earlier in March in which he echoed the idea that Cuomo may be in real legal jeopardy, at least with regard to the aforementioned allegation, and that if that claim is borne out, he must face charges, arguing:

[The conduct] suggests not only a pattern of sexual harassment by the governor, but a level of offensive conduct that appears to have crossed the legal line into felonious behavior.

Jarrett went on to explain that while multiple women have stepped forward with claims of inappropriate touching and sexual misconduct on the part of the governor, the specific claim of groping at the executive residence may “pose the most serious potential for criminal charges against Cuomo because the standard two-year statute of limitations has not run.”

Though the list of heavy hitters in the Democratic Party who have already demanded that Cuomo resign is extensive and growing, the governor, for his part, is steadfast in his refusal to go, stating that while all women have a right to be heard, “there are often many motivations for making an allegation.”

Despite his tenacity in clinging to power, it remains to be seen how much longer Cuomo can succeed in pushing back against the political walls that are rapidly closing in around him.

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    1. I don’t. Cuomo is making a fool out of lots and lots of individuals. The majority of people – all people, no matter their race have no use for anyone with Cuomo’s character and his actions. It has always been said that one bad apple spoils the basket. His supporters by saying he had nothing to do with women are also stating their support in that he was not involved in the deaths of seniors. Even a blind person knows when the sun comes up in the morning by the heat on their skin. Voters are not going to forget these things.

    2. he is a murderer number one, and punk number two treating all those women trying to make a living and trying to do a good job and treated like a tramp by him

    3. Wait until they finally decided to start on Hunter Biden, they may wait, if they don’t do what is right even when it’s over won’t be very peaceful.

  1. I’m not surprised China Joel his entire ministration are retreads from that ignorant treasonous pencil neck moron Obama they’re all thieves and liars I’m sure if you checked he’d find every one of them should be sitting in prison

  2. How is it king biden gets to talk about other people being put in jail when he and his media pals flipped the switch on the kings accuser. So much like a democrat move. Jail the king next before we all pay the price of his fame.

  3. I see they’re staying away from the Murder/Manslaughter charges. Probably because they would be backed by PROOF. He deliberately ‘ignored Trump’s direction’ to use the Javits Center, the Parks, and the Mercy(?) ship parked in the Hudson River for the “exclusive” use of COVID patients. There’s the PROOF !!! And, stating on Live TV, “They’re only Seniors – they die.” That had to have been an earful to his Mother and to families everywhere.

  4. Why the hell is this arrogant jerk not also being investigated and/or charged in the deaths of thousands of senior citizens. His promiscuity is nothing compared to his ordering old people into nursing homes during our worst epidemic in decades. It seems as though Democrats somehow escape prosecution for serious crimes 99.9% of the time IF they are ever investigated.

    1. Yeah you know that won’t happen. Just like the Hunter Biden and Epstein. All just disappeared🤬

  5. Is there a lawyer guild on the NYSE that can be invested in? That one stock could make us all rich with the mismanagement steps this buffoon administration is taking. They are truly amazing on what they don’t know.

  6. This situation reminds me of a plot from a yesteryear mob movie out of the 1930s where the bad guys always seem to get by with murder, quite literally. He says he didn’t do it, the victims say ‘oh yes he did’. And then there is the NYAG stating that Cuomo’s nursing home death scandals won’t be investigated. Should be interesting to see what paths they develop to keep him out of jail.

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  8. I wonder if China-Joe BUYDEN is taking orders from Kam Horris to nail Cuomo now so he can’t run against her in 2024. Just saying…

  9. It’s about time on Cuomo – Joe & Hunter Biden Should be next – they are worst than Cuomo..

  10. Cuomo must be prosecuted for first degree murder of 15000 or
    more counts of nursing home deaths ……

  11. What about Biden??? He was accused of doing the Same thing to a woman and they DID NOTHING?? Need to do something about Biden!!!

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