Biden reverses Trump’s pledge to bring troops home, deploys MORE overseas

It’s quickly becoming clear President Joe Biden’s approach to the U.S. military’s role around the world is vastly different than that of former President Donald Trump’s, who was a proponent of scheduling troops stationed around the world to come home.

According to the Washington Examiner, it was announced this week that contrary to Trump’s announcement last year that a large contingent of U.S. troops stationed in Germany would be returning home, Biden instead decided to greenlight the expansion of America’s military presence in Germany by an additional 500 troops. 

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed the new plans, arguing that sending more troops to Germany would benefit America’s long-standing relationship with the country, as well as bolster the NATO alliance.

“This planned increase in U.S. personnel underscores our commitment to Germany and the entire NATO alliance,” Austin said during a press briefing. “These forces will strengthen deterrence and defense in Europe. They will augment our existing abilities to prevent conflict, and, if necessary, fight and win.”

German officials seemed to welcome the news, with German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer describing America’s increased military presence as a “strong signal” of a continued healthy relationship between the United States and Germany.

She added that she was informed by the Biden administration that “there will be no troop reduction as was previously planned,” which was a reference to Trump’s plans to reduce the number of U.S. troops stationed in Germany by roughly 12,000 troops.

Trump, while president, slammed German leaders for not paying their fair share for NATO protection, calling them “delinquent” on their obligations, and announced he would remove U.S. troops as punishment.

Currently, the U.S. has roughly 35,000 troops across a number of military bases in Germany. The additional 500 to be deployed in the near future will be stationed in Germany’s Wiesbaden area.

The news came around the same time that the Biden administration made headlines after announcing that they would miss Trump’s mark of withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by May. Instead, according to USA Today, troops stationed there will be returning home by Sep. 11.

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    1. What can you expect from a person who is nuts to do? Biden is not mentally able to be president. He should be required to take a mental evaluation test. In fact in the future all candidates should be required to be mentally qualified by a psychiatrist.

    2. OMG; SleepylieJoes; Handers just put what they want infront of him an he SIGNS it.Canada’s pissed off about the Pipeline Mexico’s pissed about him cancelled GREAT
      Deal they workout with DJT an our allies an Putin wants to debate SlowJoe.That’s NOT a good idea.WE ARE SCREDWED.

    3. I hope they nuke D.C. while all the butt holes are in the WH and Congress like Joe Biden and PISSalocie !

  1. Hey moron, who is paying for it? You can’t afford it and the other NATO countries are pretty lax in their dues. Those boys were supposed to be home by 911, they didn’t sign on for your crap CJ. How Russia responds will be interesting, are you ready for an EMP?

    1. This post should be a continued wake up (not woke) call to a nation fraught with problems to react to the crises on many fronts. It seems like regardless of the many transgressions of the current Administration and the imminent danger to innocent people on the southern border and the careless approach by both congress and the Biden administration to intelligently solve the dilemma they created.

      1. They were so worried President Trump was going to get us in to war. Now look who it is pushing the issue. JB is not a good President. He’s killing our country.


  2. What a flipper lunatic. Germany has enough money to have their own troops there. Okay, I think Biden is in a mental decline. He must get to a doctor and let the citizens know if he is even capable to make any military changes. This is now not about the corpse who does not even know where he is. This is about our National Security.
    We have to come together to find out of this clown needs to be impeached. Does anyone have these same concerns?

    1. He’s a puppet, someone else is in the basement working the strings. I think he’s trying to put his own confused ideas in to so he can be a big shot.

    2. I have been talking of impeachment
      Ever since he started signing
      His name and especially with
      The border problem. That is a

  3. There you go one article says he removing them now he’s sending more. Just walk or run off the job plead conflicting orders by the commander and chief.

  4. Biden simply enjoys throwing his weight around and doing the opposite of anything and everything that was Trump’s plan, be damned any consequences, never considering whether intelligent or dumb as he wouldn’t recognize the difference.

  5. If you keep up with the things Bo Bo Biden does you would realize that if his brain was in a bird it would fly upside down and backwards.

  6. Of course, the Germans are happy. We have been carrying their load since WWII. Same for the other NATO countries. Trump was right (again) in demanding these deadbeats fund their fair share. We have been taken advantage of for decades while the countries, Europe and Asia, are profiting from our trade imbalances. We are suckers and have been since WWII. We should be contracting our never ending commitments to these slick operators who continue to throw up the Russian Bear in our faces as justification. It has worked. If my history is close to being right we saved their sorry behinds in two wars costing us billions and the lost of thousands of brave souls because their foreign policies sucked and they were and are inept-except for fleecing Uncle Sugar.
    But, don’t expect Beijing Biden and his cast of pro internationalists amateur’s to put America and Americans first. So far they have put us last. Putting more troops in Germany is just another example of our naïve understanding of what a nation preserving foreign policy should be. All should be brought home. Trump was right again and again and again.

  7. We need someone in military to take charge of our democracy!!!! This pResident , vp & piglosi is ruining our country!!!

  8. He is mentally incompetent and does not know what is going on. This guy needs to be removed. He is the worst President that we ever had. The world is laughing.

  9. No surprise Joe reversing everything President Trump put in place. Biden is not capable of leading on his own merits as he has proved in past 40 plus years of poor performance. Biden has a personal bias against “our get it done” President Trump. Biden isn’t about doing what is Good for America. Only about what his handlers ask of him.

  10. Biden only knows how to sign his name. His handler Obama writes the EO and sleazy Biden signs them. His screwed up ideas won’t get through Congress. He will get into a shooting war. That will be his payback to the military industrial complex

  11. What they say is not what they do. Even a criminal can act and say nice things. Deep down the evil is waiting to come out. Look at the facts, not what he babbled on about to get elected. All politicians, criminals, bureaucrats always lie to get their agenda or crime accomplished. That is why people should do their research. You do not sign something without reading, right? So if you look at Biden or any other politician, their past record most likely will be what they will do or support. Biden’s record is lousy. Kamala Harris has a lousy record and in fact supports criminals. Bailed out of jail. So, if you do not research things, you will believe anything that sounds good. Not in fact the truth.

  12. Because the election was fraudulent due to the Democratic process that transpired during the time, why can’t the Supreme Court acknowledge all the fraudulent activity, declare Former President Trump the winner of the election and replace President Joe Biden with President Donald Trump. Seems the BEST idea to do. Then President Trump can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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