Biden removed face mask once cameras stopped rolling at Ground Zero event

What ought to have been a solemn remembrance of the lives lost at Ground Zero on 9/11 turned into a prime example of the egregious pandemic hypocrisy of prominent liberal politicians, as notables such as President Joe Biden, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul were initially photographed at the event wearing face masks, only to whip them right off once the cameras disappeared, according to the New York Post.

During a ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of the devastating terror attacks that left thousands of Americans dead, a slew of liberal politicians gathered to be photographed paying their respects.

However, as the Post noted, once the video cameras went dark, the face masks that these same officials proclaim are so critical in the fight against COVID-19 immediately came off and non-socially-distanced chatter commenced, with Biden himself tugging his own face covering down beneath his mouth to shout something to another person in the crowd.

Each and every one of the offenders, of course, has received their coronavirus vaccines, and therefore none of them had a medical need to wear a mask, something that renders their performance over the weekend nothing more than “cosmetic theater,” as Clay Travis of has aptly described it.

Feeling free to tear off their masks the moment the cameras turn away while simultaneously preaching to millions of Americans that they must keep theirs on represents the height of arrogance, and it is among the fundamental reasons that distrust in the nation’s so-called COVID-19 experts is so high.

The Post editorial board underscored the absurdity of the Democrats’ conduct on Saturday, stating, “They know this is stupid. But they insist on doing this performative COVID-19 dance so that they can keep mask mandates nationwide in our stores, our theaters, our schools.”

That sentiment was echoed by Sam Amico at OutKick, who added, “Basically, if masks matter, they shouldn’t only matter when being photographed or filmed. They should always matter. Otherwise, it’s pure political hypocrisy.”

The scene in lower Manhattan was just the latest instance of the “do as I say, not as I do” conduct of countless politicians and pundits on the left since the start of the pandemic, and it was also recently revealed that former Virginia governor and current gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) was spotted maskless on an Amtrak train running between New York and D.C. this summer, in clear contravention of the federal mandate requiring face coverings on that mode of transport.

As politicians on the left continue to flaunt their apparent belief that the COVID-19 rules they so readily impose on the citizenry do not apply to them, the national backlash against any continuation of restrictions or the imposition of new mandates is – rightly – all but certain to grow.