Biden refuses to take blame for record-setting inflation caused by his policies

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden struggled through yet another speech about inflation and the current plan — or lack thereof — to tackle the situation, which continues to hammer average Americans at the gas station, the grocery store line, and all other aspects of daily life.

As Breitbart reported, instead of taking even a shred of responsibility for his policies that most know have greatly contributed to the record-setting inflation American are experiencing, Biden muttered through his speech by blaming everyone but himself.

Most reputable economists, and anyone with a shred of an ability to think logically and use common sense, know that Biden’s government spending spree in 2021 was what initially took the American economy off the proverbial tracks, and other circumstances, such as COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have contributed, no doubt, but the buck stops with Biden.

However, he refuses to admit that, which would likely go a long way with the American public. But not only is he not interested in admitting any fault, he actually had the audacity on Tuesday, after being asked if his policies contributed to the problem, to claim that everything his administration has done has actually helped the situation.

“I think our policies help. Not hurt,” the delusional, cognitively-challenged 79-year-old president responded when asked if his administration shoulders any responsibility for the ongoing crises.

“Right now it’s confusing. There’s a war in Ukraine and they’re scratching their head,” Biden said about the American people. “Most people, the vast majority of Americans are hoping that their government just takes care of their problem and they don’t have to think about it in detail at the kitchen table.”

At one point during his speech, the president said he can “taste” the frustration of Americans.

As Biden continues to deflect blame, as gas prices continue to spike and the cost of living increases, Democrats shouldn’t be surprised when they take a historic beating come the November midterms.