Biden raises questions after calling record gas prices an ‘incredible transition’

America, under President Joe Biden, is falling down all around us. Not long ago, we enjoyed energy independence, a strong stock market and solid retirement funds, cheap gas at the pumps, and extra money in our pockets because inflation was barely over 1%.

But under Biden, especially on the energy front, the situation has become dire. In a recent editorial, RedState pointed out the ongoing issues with record-high energy costs, and proclaimed that the Biden administration simply wants you to “suffer,” citing one of the cognitively-challenged president’s recent speeches in which he made a shocking revelation.

Many took Biden’s revelation to mean that like many people have suggested — who were written off as conspiracy theorists — Biden is letting this energy crisis happen in the fossil fuel industry in order to force Americans to turn to costly, sparsely available “green” energy.

“That’s the President of the United States calling the $5.00 a gallon gasoline that is crushing Americans an ‘incredible transition.’ And lest anyone think I’m misreading him, he means it exactly as it sounds and says as much by citing that we’ll become ‘less reliant’ on fossil fuels in the end,” RedState’s editorial read.

It added: “In other words, this is all intentional. Biden and his handlers saw an opportunity to destroy the energy market and have done everything in their power to make that a reality. The most recent example came after the administration canceled more oil and gas leases that could have helped relieve price pressures long-term.”

Biden’s admission, which some also claimed could have been a slip-up, confirms what many members of his administration have already said: Can’t afford gas? Buy an electric vehicle (EV).

Unfortunately, in Biden’s economy, most people can’t come up with the $50,000+ to purchase a new EV, if they even wanted to, let alone afford maintenance, expensive, hard-to-find parts, and the numerous other reasons why owning one right now is a really bad idea.

It’s clear that the Biden administration thinks letting the gas crisis continue will force Americans to rethink their gas-chugging vehicles, but it won’t. All it does is bolster voters to get out to the polls on Election Day so that we can oust these crazy, radical progressive lunatics.