Biden puts Harris in charge of crisis at the southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris will be put in charge of the migrant crisis at the southern border according to Breitbart News. Biden himself, is out. 

President Joe Biden made the announcement on Wednesday during a press briefing at the White House, saying “I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this.”

The president was quick to blame the previous administration for the crisis and also shift responsibility squarely to Harris. 

Biden went on to say that from now on his VP speaks for the administration, so he and others are free to focus on coronavirus and other issues like the $1.9 trillion spending package.

“When she speaks, she speaks for me,” Biden said. “Doesn’t have to check with me. She knows what she’s doing and I hope we can move this along.”

Biden admitted that Harris was being given a “tough job” but she responded by saying, “Thank you, Mr. President, and for having the confidence in me,” Harris said. “There’s no question this is a challenging situation.”

Harris then promised to take on the “root causes” of the migration crisis in Central America and promised to support “shared prosperity in the region.”

“While we are clear that people should not come to the border now, we also understand that we will enforce the law and that we also — because we can chew gum and walk at the same time,” she said.

Progress has been made in that the administration is now admitting that there is a problem in the southern United States. Ideally, however, Americans might hope that Democrats could come up with a solution to a problem without aimlessly throwing copious amounts of taxpayer dollars at other countries. 

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  3. I’m so glad she cleared up the fact that she can walk and chew gum at the same time, so can my 5 year old grandson! But can she do her job to the satisfaction of American citizens?…Doubtful!

  4. “President” Biden dumped the hot potato of his making onto Kamala Harris and scurried out from under the bad publicity. What a sleazy side-step! Will the press let him get away with this? Of Course! The press never holds a Democrat accountable for his or her sleazy misdeeds.

  5. The CAMEL will once again use her childish laugh and we cannot rely on her honesty, (just like Puppet Joe Obama).

  6. Biden joked that Harris got a “hard job,” and Harris joked that she was grateful to him, that he trusted her. And, although she understands that illegal border crossing is a crime that is punishable by law; but we must go, and at the same time, we must definitely chew gum.

  7. We don’t really need to be told this information. It is well observed that Biden is merely a figurehead, much like Tokyo Rose or Charlie McCarthy.
    And as such, he speaks, acts, and thinks at the whim of a hand full of others. Even his VP is controlled by them. She is there merely to serve an agenda put forth for which she will be handsomely rewarded. And it seems as though that moment is close at hand.
    So, short of a miracle, we will soon look at this nation and collectively exclaim, “Bye Felicia!”.

  8. Right choice for the Democrats as she loves her criminals. She bailed out those who were burning down our cities, why not let illegal criminals cross the border with no vetting.

  9. I always thought you had to be a citizen of the United States to be able to vote.. If we allow illegals to vote, we might as well allow the Chinese, Russians and any one elseto vote in out elections. As far as I* am concerned we DO NOT have a government anymore, just5 a bunch of people in Washington doing what thet want and the heck with what is good for America. I did not serve in the military to defend this government.

  10. The President can’t even speak a coherent sentence. Those responsible are the entrenched Dem politicians and the computer tech billionaires, who are bankrolling all of this. With millions of illegals allowed to vote without the necessity to be a citizen, the Dems will never lose another election. The illegal votes were bought and paid for by letting the illegals in. Now, it’s a question of which side the military will take when the revolution starts. If the generals live up to the oath they swore, we’re golden. If they don’t, we’re slaves in our own country. And the new censorship trick is to call my post a duplicate comment, and down the memory hole it goes.

  11. Maybe she can put them all on death row. Evidence? Who needs evidence? I’ve never needed evidence before except that one time when I was Attorney General in California and this one judge who didn’t understand the game made me release something I didn’t think mattered. It was the only case I ever lost. Can you believe it, they let him go? They claimed he was innocent. That was the one time the system we had broke down.

  12. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate

  13. Well we knew that this day was coming, Biden has made a mess of the border and since he is not capable to correct is he is handing it off to Harris she will just make more of mess of things what a sad day

  14. ‘Can’t think of nobody better qualified to do this’? C’mon man! Ol’ Scratch-n-Sniff can’t even think, much less make a decision like this! The marionettes who pull Uncle Joe’s strings must be giddy with delusions of power dancing through their tiny little brains! This is the biggest farce & screw-up in American history. It’s also what happens when elections are stolen by commiecrats bent on destroying this country. I feel so sorry for all the men & women of the military & law enforcement who sacrificed their lives for the ideals of this country, then to have it all ripped from them by a Criminalocracy! Wake up America, especially you “Republicans”, & put a stop to this great charade, NOW!

  15. President Trump has nothing to do with the democrats screw-ups.President Trump had things pretty well under control until president”unfancy nancy”and her hoard screwed things up.President Trump almost had the”obama”thing fixed with absolutely no help from the democrats and little help from the”sheeple”republicans.

  16. There wasn’t any problems at the Mexico border till Biden created the miss..President Trump had this in full control & Biden is saying Trump created this problem is just another lie of a dumb Biden so called President

  17. No Joe I realize you are incompetent because of your illnesses and it wasn’t put on a teleprompter because your handlers can’t admit their stupidity and have to blame someone else for their screwup. But you can’t blame trump for your come on in everyone platform you ran on. President Trump didn’t speak for you, He didn’t open the broader JOE, you did he had every setup perfect until you undid it IT was you who sign the orders to let them joe your signature not Trumps

  18. WE better get used to Kamala. Joe had a stroke and has been trying to recover. He is losing use of his muscles as we saw when he stumbled going aboard Air Force One. He has lost the ability to reason. That is why he needs cards to make speeches. It will be down hill for Joe from now on. He may only have about two years to live. The evil gang of Demos are conferring with Kamala with Bill Clinton been the head tutor. Are we ready for what’s coming?

  19. Do not need her to be in charge of anything to do with the border. All biden has to do is reverse his EOs stopping wall construction, letting everyone come in without approval, give the Border Patrol the right to act on these invaders, put troops on the border to protect the border and people who live there and stop them from flowing over the border. Sign the EOs today doing this and the problem is solved today. Of course, this is common sense and I do not expect anything to be done like this.

  20. Communism’s tactics are to repeat a lie often and on many venues and soon people will believe it. Like “where did you here that?” Answer. “On the news last night” truth?

  21. She needs to send all these people to CA. They can increase the homeless and increase the madness that is happening in the state. She can giggle her way to solve the disaster and never answer a question that means any thing.

  22. Biden and Harris both are working UNDER the top Democrats . It’s easy to see Biden has dementia or even worse. Harris has always been told what to do, because she is not an educated leader whatsoever. They are literally being told what to do and what to say.

  23. Americans are confident that Democrats cannot provide answers to this problem! The Democrats purposely caused this situation! Sadly, Democrats don’t want to “fix the problem” at the border. They are excitedly happy that thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into our country!

  24. During his “press conference”, Biden told how bad the infrastructure, schools and everything else is with inference that it was the last (Trump’s) administration’s fault. But no one thought to ask him where the hell he and Obama were for the previous eight years!

    1. Perry that is because they only took questions from the diseased media groups that were made to provide their questions so that they could answer them for Biden and put them on his list to call on. If he had to answer a question that was not on his list then he would F***it up and they would put him back in the basement for a time out. He is incompetent at best and Harris will do as much as her pockets can fill from and that is all. She could care less about the people in this country and does that sound familiar since Obunni other half hated this country and still does and like Harris is only interested in what is in it for her and her worthless husband.

  25. dementia jo is only following the procedure of barakk obammo by always stating what he inherited from a previous president and since it worked for barakk oboomoo, dementia jo is following suit, he is personally coached by barakkk obooboo in the Whitehouse.

  26. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it simple But not to simple for communists Joe and Kamala they need help voter fraud they were not not elected they stole the election very one knows it communists take over of our country wake up Americans freedom is at stake

  27. u had to b blind if u didnt c this coming im amazed she hasnt killed him yet, they r intent on bankrupting america and then steal everybodys$$$$$$$ they r the manchurian candidates

    1. Are you too lazy to write a legible response ? You people who use 4 instead of for or four, or ??? This stupidity is revolting. You are butchering the English language tryingto be cute.

  28. This administration is a joke! How dare dementia Joe blame this border mess on President Trump! Biden has not done one good thing sense he stole this election! And this act proves he is an idiot!

  29. The vice president has said ICE is like KKK. She has rudely put down the border patrol personnel on several occasions. How is she now going to get the crisis solved. She has said there is no crisis it is just a situation Mexico needs to solve. She laughed when asked when was she going down to the border. She does not seem interested in solving the problem at the border.

  30. She says they can walk and chew gum at the same time? Hahaha sense when? President Harris walks and Biden chews! Lol and they lie like dogs! President Trump was doing a great job! This border mess is because of Biden!

  31. This is only the beginning, as the Dems will put ole Joe out to pasture & Heels Op Harris will be the POTUS & will do anything & everything piglosi tells her to do. Thus she becomes piglosi’s puppet! The true Americans had better wake up & do what it takes to stop the far left, radical libtards or our wonderful country will be in serious trouble!!!

    1. this is such a sad mess If any one believes this is Trumps fault they are crazy you think it is bad in the first couple of months wait for the first couple of years

  32. Why is the president taking better care of the illegal immigrants than the homeless in our country?
    Our t a x dollars should be better spent on US citizens first

    1. Diane,
      Do the math. There are more illegal Immigrants than Homeless Citizens. That translates to more future Democrat voters because the Illegals will owe everything to Democrats. The Homeless? Dem’s are counting on Covide-19 to eliminate them.

    2. The President can’t even speak a coherent sentence. Those responsible are the entrenched Dem politicians and the computer tech billionaires, who are bankrolling all of this. With millions of illegals allowed to vote without the necessity to be a citizen, the Dems will never lose another election. The illegal votes were bought and paid for by letting the illegals in. Now, it’s a question of which side the military will take when the revolution starts. If the generals live up to the oath they swore, we’re golden. If they don’t, we’re slaves in our own country.

    1. You are right on point and these A**holes are blaming President Trump for their BS. The border was secure and Border Wall was under construction and a lot was completed. The democommies are undoing all the good Trump had done for America.

    1. Harris is worse than Biden as she defunded our police in her state in Ca., supports riots and violence against USA Citizens, wants open borders. She quit the Democrat debates in 2020 only having 2 percent of the DNC vote and she is not qualified to run a Burger King restaurant. as she lets criminals out of jail and supports cash bailout, what a loser.

          1. They don’t worry, they have protection, have money, Dems can do whatever. They are like teflon, slick, gets by most things, we need pelosi out sooner than later . Guess every day is like more crap being loved at us.

      1. Everything this person said in their statement is absolutely A fact! The Burger King comment might be a Stretch however! Maybe in East St. Louis or south Chicago! This not a Racist comment, she just speaks their language!

      2. She also encouraged Antifa and BLMto keep up the rioting and destruction across the country, then set up a fund to bail them out if they were arrested for these crimes. She is a great Marxest role model

    2. Simple: Biden has made a habit out of “screwing over” those who disagree with him. He’s constantly proven he is a liar and lately, that he is incompetent as he suffers from his dementia. In his many years in the Senate, he has consistently accomplished nothing of which he can be proud of.

      1. Well Sarge, he did manage to illegally become President. That scores some bragging rights, because the whole country knows it, and nobody did a damn thing about it.

        1. I disagree on his “managing” anything; big tech/media/china/italy/et al, colluded to help the demoncraps steal the election with the likes of p-u-losi continuing the “proud” tradition by attempting to steal Miller-Meeks’ hard won seat to give it to another whiney-butted dem because though it’s only a loss by 6 points, that makes it a little point and therefore a good and acceptable thing to do and big tech/media/et al will not say a word against the dastardly move(s) perpetrated by the left. I am aghast at the goings on by the left and the fact that many “Americans” back the shady goings on and say it is “good.”

    3. If the supreme court had any cojones they would declare this whole past election null and void. Then require an in-person re-vote. The cost would have to be far less than the results of what is going on in Washington now.

      1. Amen 🇺🇸👮‍♀️🇺🇸👫🇺🇸😳 let’s get it to the Republican Senators and We the People and save America ASAP 💙👀

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