Biden poll numbers are CRASHING on border crisis

With the situation at the southern border showing no signs of improvement and few official solutions on the table, it was only a matter of time before a majority of American voters began to sour on the administration’s handling of the ongoing migrant surge.

As Breitbart reports, a new Quinnipiac poll reveals that support for President Joe Biden’s border policies has cratered in recent weeks, meeting with the disapproval of 64% of independent voters and 55% of Latino respondents.

The survey, which included 1,237 adults, was conducted during the time period spanning April 8 through April 12, had a margin of sampling error of +/- 2.8 percentage points, and indicated growing dissatisfaction among the electorate with the Biden administration’s response to the escalating crisis.

According to Quinnipiac’s results, just 22% of independents and 27% of Latino voters voiced support for Biden’s open-borders policy stance. When combined with strong Republican opposition factored into the mix, the president’s border positions received an overall national disapproval rate of 55%, as Breitbart noted.

Adding insult to injury for the White House is a recent Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted between April 9 and April 12, which found that only 10% of all-important independent voters expressed strong support for Biden’s border strategy, and 36% indicated strong disapproval of the same.

Sinking support for the president on issues related to the border is likely due at least in part to the growing perception that neither he nor Vice President Kamala Harris – the person Biden tapped over three weeks ago to address the crisis – are doing much to stem the tide of migrants or improve the deteriorating conditions in which they are being held.

GOP criticism of the administration has grown heated in recent days, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) pointing out on Twitter, “It has been 3 weeks since President Biden appointed VP Harris to oversee the border. Since then, the crisis has only continued to spiral out of control,” adding:

The VP has not traveled to the border, held a press conference, or offer ANY plan to mitigate the ongoing crisis.

For its part, however, the administration has attempted to defuse such criticism of Harris’ inaction, as Fox News noted, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki blithely suggesting that Republicans simply “need more to do,” and that their “confusion” about the vice president’s true role regarding the migrant surge is “perplexing” to her.

Try as Ms. Psaki might to distract from facts on the ground as relayed by those who have actually visited the border, the longer Harris sits on her hands, and Biden turns a blind eye to the devastating consequences of reversing Trump-era immigration policies, the more intense voter opposition to their malfeasance is certain to become.

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  1. By rights the whole democratic party is responsible.right down to the rigged election.its so sad and pathetic that one of the groups responsible for the well being of this country is crapping all over us.they are a bunch of communist anti americand and should all be vanished and banished in a painful way.

  2. Its very simple. Biden and harris will be the downfall of america as weve loved it. They both need to be impeached and removed from office before thered no country left.they are both enemies of the american people. I think they call it TREASON.

  3. Biden and Harris are more than pathetic. They are dangerous to the U.S. Is it possible to recall them?
    I do not hold out any hope that Pelosi would try to impeach them. Both! How can We The People rid
    ourselves of inept, senile, or corrupt executive branch politicians?

  4. They don”t dont have enough people in to vote for the demorats so that is why they aren’t doing anything. They don’t care about the american people and they don’t want to admit they were wrong. They all need to be impeached fgor the fraud and lies that they told. GThe swamp needs to ber cleaned. My vote is in.

  5. You watch. Biden will be replaced by Harris, who in turn will be disgraced and replaced by Pelosi. This was her goal all along.

  6. Think, It may be a New Experience

    He who enables, facilitates, protects and /or supports a liar are worse than that liar themselves. They know the truth but leave others to believe lies are the true and does nothing to correct the lie.
    Conservatives a.k.a. Republicans have done More to destroy the Severity of the most Honest and Secure Election in History. The Actions of these Anti-American, Anti-Democratic Bill and Laws that are designed to prevent anyone who does Not agree with their Narrow-minded ideas. There is another word for what they are doing and the form of government they are presuming, It is Called FASCISM. Another term related to this is Communism, Nazism and Totalism.

  7. ReTRUMPlican/Republican!

    I am a PAST 30+yr BORN-Democrat cuz Moma was
    & speaking FROM being a PAST Democrat was very very DISpleased w/ALL they’re past AdministrationS
    Obama has made it where WE will neVER in directly put another BLACK into the W.House that keeps THAT $ in his pocket smart strategy

    1. Biden is demented – I am a retired psychotherapist and qualified to make that diagnosis. He also looks physically ill. Watch how he walks and moves Overly deliberate and not with any form of strength. Harris is beyond help. She is evil and knows that she has enemies among the Demonrats. If Biden goes she will be betrayed and tossed out on her ear! I still do not understand why all these traitors and crooks get away with not being prosecuted.
      Personally I think Trump should have taken the bull by the horns and fired 80% of them. He was/is too trusting and brings in people who are backstabbing!

  8. His poll numbers were manufractured in the first place. Just like the results of the 2020 election China Joe and company stole.

  9. I don’t understand where you get your information about the people not being stupid but if you open your eyes you will see that the people are stupid, dumb and lazy the education system has done the job thst the Polititans wanted, it has dumb down this GreatCountry. It took almost forty years but is now achieved what the Polititans set out to do. It is as plain as the sky is blue.

  10. This is all so frustrating! The American people are not stupid! That’s why we overwhelmingly elected Donald Trump to be our president in 2020. We all know the election of 2020 was fraudulently stolen by the American “axis of evil”. This includes the deep state, Washington DC swamp, and the mainstream fake news media. There is no question this is what happened, and now the entire country is suffering dearly for it!

  11. It is so obvious she has done nothing in response to the Crisis at the border, to her this is just what she wanted to happen, walk on in especially thru the parts of the wall unfinished, thanks to Joe and the left. She has no intention to stop this wave of VOTERS into our country. The more the merrior just pray they dont spread the virus to innocent Americans. Pray for our Beloved Country

  12. DemocRAT Kamala Harris is NOT LEGALLY qualified to be Vice President!!! She is an “Anchor Baby”!! Her mom is from India and her dad was a Slave Trader and slave owner from Jamaica and were NOT married at the time of Kamala’s mom’s pregnancy or birth!!! Neither was a USA Citizen or even in the process to get a green card which means Harris is NOT LEGALLY qualified to be Vice President.

  13. I thought the Great Usurper took an oath to protect the U.S. from all enemies, both from within & without? This is a joke! He & his commiecrat crony clowns should be run out of D.C. & America immediately! The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to fix the damage.

  14. Biden seems to have an “I don’t care attitude when it comes to the border”.

    As I follow what’s going on at the border it is a disaster…
    That’s definitely getting worse.

    Biden needs a little less talk and take a lot more action.

    Our broader patrol are overwhelmed…
    Not fair.
    Enough is enough..

  15. Biden and his Vp are the worst in my life time. I am only 74 so I can’t speak before 1947. But I have lost all faith in the people of this country. Even with the electoral cheating, this should not have been close. Americans deserve what they get.

  16. The border disaster is but one of the disastrous policies of this administration. What about all the rest of the plans they have to destroy this country?? Does no one on the left see a problem with all of those disasters, as well?

    1. Jean… sure they see it, but they don’t care! Their agenda is to bring the United States of America to its knees any way they can. And they are backed by the money from billionaires, the media, Hollywood and in some cases, even the courts. The big question is “why”? Why do they want to bring down the greatest country on the planet under the guise of “fundamentally change America”? The same country that allowed them to achieve fame and fortune. Does anyone, especially those who support the Biden/Harris administration, really know what they want to change America into? Do they agree or care? Sad to watch the country slip into the abyss.

  17. Yes he did! And he does, but he will lose face cuz the answer is the ” T R U M P ” way. So he sends in the big KO-HUNA. But V 0 T U S got lost on the way, though she did stop to shop at a yarn shop in Virginia. I laughed so hard as one twitter response said, “Both chrochet and the border are porous.” Does that mean she’s one tiny step closer???? Big belly laugh! She ain’t goin nowhere. Gotta stay close to the throne, just in case she actually gets to sit in it one day soon. L0RD help us all.

    Go to C 0 N V EN T l 0 N 0 F S T A T E S . C 0 M for: 1. fed term-limits, 2. fed balanced budget, 3. to stop fed over-reach onto the states rights.

    1. Kamal is a total fraud! This Biden admin is a fraud ! When we can rid ourselves of guys like Soros and gates who are pulling the strings of Obama and Biden , we might be able to get our country back. This is a total disgrace to the greatest generation that fought in the wars . I wish there was somewhere to go

    1. Biden has no idea on anything he is idea absent. He’s a total loser and probably has been all his life. I can’t stand to look at him. Those beady eyes look like a crazy man.

      1. I agree with cozycaloco and think the cheese fell off Biden’s cracker years ago.
        If I live another 85 years I will never believe this last election was election was
        legitimate and Biden himself in the midst of a major brain fart admitted it on
        TV and I am wondering why clips of this blunder are not being shown repeatedly.

        1. I agree with the above.
          I felt sorry for him at first
          But not anymore…I still
          Think that election should
          be overturned. Get Trump
          back in the Oval Office ASAP.

        2. Me too! I still have the picture of him telling us about the mosst exclusive fraud he had set up and he still got away with it. Something really stinks here.

      2. Bidens brain is absent on the Southern boarder and the Southern boarder is a crisis because he caused it. Now he is dumbfounded he doesn’t know what to do. What an ignorant president.

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