Biden pick Deb Haaland confirmed as interior secretary in 51-40 Senate vote

President Joe Biden has made no secret of his commitment to radically redirecting the nation’s economy toward green energy, and those he has tapped to fill key roles in the administration appear fully on board with that vision.

Biden’s pick to lead the Interior Department, Rep. Deb Haaland, was confirmed by the Senate on Monday in a 51-40 vote, in a move that elicited praise from environmentalists and concern from Republicans, according to The Hill.

Haaland’s confirmation makes her the first Native American to serve in the Cabinet, and she will head the department charged with overseeing the nation’s natural resources as well as its tribal and federal heritage lands.

As Fox Business noted, from the moment her nomination was announced back in December, Haaland’s stance in opposition to the controversial fossil fuel extraction method known as fracking drew particular worry from conservatives, with the Republican Party in her home state of Mexico declaring:

It’s hard to see a bright spot for our state because of her extreme position on energy.

Biden’s pick confirms that he plans to systematically take apart our important oil and gas industry.

Republicans who voted in opposition to Haaland’s confirmation included Mitt Romney (UT), Josh Hawley (MO) and Tom Cotton (AK), while GOP Sens. Lisa Murkowski (AK), Lindsey Graham (SC), Dan Sullivan (AK), and Susan Collins (ME) voted to confirm, as The Hill further noted.

On the other side of the aisle, however, Haaland’s nomination was lauded as a highly significant moment in the nation’s history, with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) opining:

Before America’s public lands were America’s public lands, they were Native American lands, and Deb Haaland will be the first Native American to serve in any president’s Cabinet and the first to serve as the secretary of this department, so that’s kind of a wonderful harmony with history.

Adding to Republican alarm over Haaland’s potentially extreme positions on environmental issues are her stated support of Biden’s decision in January to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and her previous co-sponsorship of the progressive Green New Deal, which she said stemmed from her experience “as a Native American woman who’s [sic] ancestral homeland is under attack from the Fossil Fuel Industry.”

Haaland’s willingness to endorse measures certain to eliminate thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry – as was the case with the Keystone pipeline – is wholly consistent with positions taken by other members of the Biden administration, such as climate czar John Kerry, who blithely declared that those who suddenly find themselves out of work as a result “can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels.”

The degree to which Haaland’s confirmation will aid in what Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) characterized Monday as “President Biden’s war on American energy” remains to be seen, but the signs are far from encouraging.

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        1. EXACTLY Two can plat the game……………….. Doesn’t take much to be an A-hole like Biden’s team…

    1. You mean like when the Politicians took everything away from the Indians for a few blankets & beads……..She will probably do more for our resources than any muslim or hispanic would ever have done……

      1. She’s going to scalp the energy sector ( pun intended). Wait till everyone’s electricity, gas, and gasoline climbs through the roof. Fracking saved this country from foreign oil and being held hostages. Another Democratic America hater

      2. You mean like the Mongol invaders took everything the first settlers had, who had probably been here 1000 years prior to the Mongol invaders had.

      1. Well the coal companies can say good by what miners that are still working! The people in these coal mining states that vote for these idiots will have a lot to thank about for the next four years!

        1. I don’t think the coal miners voted for pedo Joe, remember those are the states that broke voting laws. used hacked voting machines and had thousands of Chinese mail in votes probably with Beijing postmarks.

    1. Maybe………but what we can do is see what she does for the USA to the betterment of the USA.

      AND…….No I am not a inane liberal…………AND……THANK GOD for PRESIDENT TRUMP………..

      1. Von if she follows the Biden agenda she will only ruin more families because people won’t have jobs to support their families. Because for sure any of the so called energy efficient company’s will not hire anything that does not climb across the southern border illegally so that they don’t have to pay them squat to work to build those so called energy efficient pieces of sh** with all the parts coming from China.

    1. EXACTLY Two can plat the game……………….. Doesn’t take much to be an A-hole like Biden’s team…
      I hear there is room a Guantanamo Bay resort for them…

  1. Graham (SC) (jerk) – fits right in with Murkowski, (AK) (jerk), Collins (ME) (jerk), and Sullivan (AK) jerk)! ! Hopefully all losers next election, particularly in 2022!

    1. I, for one, will make a physical notation of these traitors!
      Collins (always needs to hold out for the attention!)
      You can’t trust ANY of these ???? what? people?! You know that’s not what I’d like to call them!

  2. I find it most interesting how the Biden admin prefers race and gender for cabinet positions over knowledge and experience. That, in of it’s self is racist in my view. How much damage can we expect from these inexperienced incompetent place holders do in Joe and the Ho’s administration?

  3. These Republicans that went with the Democrats on this vote are losers need to be thrown out.Why are these illegals keep coming when all they get here is a cage to sleep in no telling how long they are locked up good for them for being so stupid listening to the Democrats all lies.nothing for free here.go back home.

    1. Biden’s group is waiting for the opportunity to let them all out at one time to overwhelm our country completely. What these dumb A** don’t understand is that these folks from other countries did not come here to be citizens. They come here to get all the free crap that Biden is saying they will get and if they don’t get it they meaning some only will steal it instead. I know people that have been here for 25 years in this country illegally and when you ask them why they don’t get their paperwork done and become a citizen they flat tell you that they have NO desire to be a citizen because them or their family own property in their own country and if they become a citizen here their country will not allow them to own anything in their own country. And they say they come here because their children get free everything and I know this for fact because one of my family members family is from El Salvador and they have been here illegally for 25 years and don’t want to be citizens period. But they accept the stuff that they get from our country with open arms and send half back to their family’s in other countries so that they can continue to get stuff free.

    1. No Virginia not for most just the illegals that the Dems plan to use to stay in office the next election. The rest of us will be traded in for an Illegal so there won’t be any possibility that a Republican or anything else ever gets back in the WH. And communism is the name of the game for these A–holes that the idiots that voted for them managed give them the opportunity to do.

  4. There’s not a single one of El Presidente Dipschitt’s nominees, that I don’t have issues with or any level of confidence in their ability to perform their proposed role.

    Proof that all of the RINO’s need to go.

  5. Yep, gotta agree.. time to get republicians in office who put our country and people first. We need people who are experienced… period! When I need a medical procedure l go to an MD not a DVM… love, respect, and appreciate vets but their medical expertise is not in humans anatomy! There is waaaay too much emphasis on political correctness these days. It certainly does not belong in politics!

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