Biden makes quick exit from Madrid press conference: ‘I’m out of here’

In another example of President Joe Biden’s cognitive fragility on the world stage, the commander in chief on Thursday called an abrupt end to a press conference in Spain, telling the assembled reporters, “I’m out of here,” turning his back, and walking off the stage, as Fox News reports.

Though some may have thought the president’s willingness to participate in such an event was a promising development, those hopes were likely dashed once he fell into his usual habit of answering questions from a short, pre-ordained list of reporters whose names he read of a list.

Once Biden got through as many queries as were planned in advance for him, he shut down attempts from others in the room, including one journalist who pledged to be hasty, declaring, “There’s no such thing as a quick one. I’m out of here.”

Biden’s well-known reliance on prepared written instructions when making public appearances seems to have increased in recent weeks, with the president last week unintentionally revealing his use of a bizarre, highly-detailed set of instructions that included guidance on when he should sit down, how long he should speak, whom he should thank, and the like, as the New York Post reported.

That embarrassing episode brought to mind an event last summer when an aide informed Biden via handwritten note that he had something stuck to his chin, and despite the apparent effort to be discreet, the president inadvertently displayed the scrawl for all to see.

Biden’s press conference in Madrid, however, was noteworthy not just for its brevity and highly-scripted feel, but also for the substance of the few answers he did provide, particularly those on the topic of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent reversal of Roe v. Wade, which the president referred to – on foreign shores – as “outrageous behavior.”

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt was among many who took Biden to task for his “appalling” decision to slam the high court while abroad, noting that Democrats no longer seem to have any respect for the time-tested maxim that politics should stop at the water’s edge.

“This is a completely different situation where you have the actual president of the United States on foreign soil trashing the third branch of government at a time when that third branch of government is under unprecedented attack, whether it’s justices being picketed at their homes, their children at their schools or a confessed assassination attempt,” Hurt began.

“Every couple of weeks you think, okay, well, it’s never going to get weirder or worse than this. And then the next thing happens and you’re like, oh my goodness, I hope it can’t get worse,” Hurt added, giving voice to a sentiment millions of Americans find increasingly difficult to dispute.