Biden makes bizarre move with COVID-19 face mask upon arrival in South Korea

In yet another truly bizarre – and embarrassing – episode in the tragic presidency of Joe Biden, cameras over the weekend captured the masked American commander in chief descending the stairs of Air Force 1 alone, only to whip the supposedly protective facial covering off as he greeted those awaiting his arrival on the tarmac in South Korea, as the Post Millenial reports.

The incident was caught by reporters as Biden landed at the U.S. air base in Osan for the first leg of a trip to Asia – his first visit to the continent since taking office, as Reuters noted.

It was strange enough for the president to be sporting a mask while disembarking from the aircraft, given that there was nobody in front of or behind him on the steps, but to remove it once he was finally in proximity of others seemed to completely defeat the supposed purpose of the mitigation gear. WATCH:

Members of the Twitterverse were quick to ridicule the nonsensical gesture on Biden’s part, with user @NealyMcNealy quipping, “Well let’s just celebrate that he was able to navigate the stairs this time,” referencing an incident in December when the president tripped no fewer than three times attempting to ascend the steps of his official airplane.

Fellow platform user @GeenaMidtown joked, “No wonder the Secret Service wanted to go get drunk,” a nod to reports indicating that two employees of the agency had been placed on administrative leave after an “off-duty incident” involving alcohol before the president’s arrival in South Korea.

Twitter user @heykarch44 skewered the illogical nature of Biden’s move, writing, “I’m always scared of COVID on stairs. Right now one of the easiest ways to catch it. Escalators…forget about it.”

Though it is possible that Biden was simply trying to show solidarity with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky, who said last week that a significant portion of the American populace should consider wearing masks again, a less charitable explanation might point to the obvious confusion and erratic behavior so many have observed the president exhibiting in recent months.

As the gaffes, malaprops, and mental misfires committed by the supposed leader of the free world continue to mount, only one thing is certain, namely, that Biden is rapidly becoming not just a laughingstock, but also a danger to the safety and security of the United States of America.