Biden losing staffers at faster pace than Trump, Obama

Amid reports of an administration gripped by atrophy and disarray, the Washington Examiner reports that President Joe Biden’s White House is shedding staffers at a quicker clip than that of the chief executives who preceded him in office.

Revelations about the departure rates were gleaned from mandatory reporting from the White House detailing its full payroll, and as indicated by the information reported for 2022, 474 individuals were employed by the Biden executive office as of July 1, and that number represents a decrease of roughly 15% from the prior year.

Interestingly, comparisons from the first years of the Obama and Trump administrations show decreases of just 4% and 1%, respectively, a significant departure from the retention rate in the Biden White House.

Administration officials attempted to explain the differences by noting the fact that many nonpermanent staffers whose names appeared on the 2021 report have been intentionally offboarded in a pre-planned, anticipated manner, including those who served on the president’s Supreme Court Commission, as the Examiner noted.

Not everyone is quick to accept that rationale at face value, however, with one senior Democrat official telling the outlet, “Looking at all of the difficulties the president is facing, from inflation to the war in Ukraine to members of his own party refusing to advance his legislative agenda, it makes sense that some staffers might seek greener pastures.”

The president, of course, is not the only one at the White House who is having trouble hanging onto staff, as there has also been something of a mass exodus from Vice President Kamala Harris’ office in recent months, only adding to doubts about her future as Biden’s heir apparent.

After a number of high-profile Harris staffers began making their way to the exits, insiders painted a portrait of serious dysfunction and a vice presidential management style that bordered on an abusive environment.

Some former members’ of Harris staff explained to the Washington Post that her office was a realm in which “you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism” and are “constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why.”

As more and more Democrats begin to see the electoral writing on the wall and start nudging the president away from the notion of seeking a second term, it should come as no surprise that staffers are making like rats and jumping off the sinking Biden–Harris ship while they still can.