Biden LAUGHED At Horror – I’m Sick To My Stomach

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  1. Biden/Harris/Pelosi & their gang of freaks need to be fired, impeached, removed now!! Any government to laughs at the things this administration does is just freaking crazy & if they laugh at them & do nothing to help what ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO HELP WE THE PEOPLE!!

  2. Right on Sharon. What are other countries thinking about our United States. Now we are divided States. Biden is a disgrace to us Americans. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS AND PELOSI NOW!!!!

  3. Resurrection Day is right around the corner. God help these horrible people that are trying to destroy our country. They will lose.

  4. What are these people smoking everything is a joke to these 2 nitwits,between Biden and Harris there isn’t a brain between them,put the person who really won the election in office Trump and he’ll do it right

  5. Biden is a joke he has no business being president and to laugh at two children being dropped over the border fence is disgusting

  6. The democrats seem to create a crisis to spend more money. That way the more money goes out more king biden can put his big guy 10% off the top charge. Hunter can relate to this

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