Biden just illegally extended the eviction moratorium – and he admitted it

Even though he insisted that extending a federal moratorium on evictions could only be accomplished at this point by congressional action, President Joe Biden went ahead and extended it anyway after buckling to the progressive wing of his party.

In doing so, Biden skirted around a recent Supreme Court ruling which clearly stated that such an action was allowed only through a vote in Congress. According to the Washington Examiner, not only did Biden admit that his action was unconstitutional, but he seemed to be prideful of his move to greenlight the extension, knowing full well that it’ll soon be challenged in court. 

“Constitutionally, the bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster,” Biden admitted to reporters, before attempting to explain why he intentionally trampled on constitutional law.

“At a minimum, by the time it is litigated, we’ll probably give some additional time while we’re getting that $45 billion out to people who are, in fact, behind in the rent and don’t have the money,” Biden added.

In other words, Biden literally couldn’t care less that he bucked the Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution, and drove that point home by admitting that he made the move as he understands it will likely take weeks or months for litigation against his action to catch up.

Technically, it was Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that extended the eviction moratorium to areas of high COVID-19 transmission, which still covers roughly 90% of the country. That’s how they were able to call it a “targeted” extension and slip into an extremely gray legal area at best.

Now, renters across America will likely have several additional months where they’re not on the hook to pay their monthly bill, and landlords, most of whom are small business owners, continue to suffer an extreme loss of revenue with virtually no help from the government, even though there are funds set up to help them.

As is necessary for these situations, one has to imagine the fallout if former President Donald Trump would have been told he can’t do something by the Supreme Court and did it anyway, and then bragged about breaking the law in the process.

Cable news pundits and Democrats would have attacked and impeached him so fast that it would have left our collective heads spinning. For some reason, when Biden does it, he’s nothing less than an American hero.