Biden Is Going To Do It [BREAKING]

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25 Responses

  1. Right now we have a COMMUNIST crook in our WHITEHOUSE . what do you think he wants . His crooks to help him that’s why they are pushing hard for removal of guns . so we are defenceless . guns are our right and we don’t have to give them up no matter what a communist dictator says. Do you think wars were won like that just go to another country and say ok people give up your weapons we are taking over. I DONT THINK SO. THATS HOW THE WAR BEGAN. EVERYONE THAT Gives up their gun is a idiot it is your only way to defend yourself from these thugs . called DAMOCRAP’s public keep them and show their businesse . get this FRAUDULENT DICTATOR OUT of our WHITEHOUSE.

  2. When firearms are outlawed, the possession of those firearms greatly increases. Also when firearms are outlawed they are modified so that they are not subject to the prohibition.

  3. Someone needs to tell Biden he doesn’t have the power to override the constitution…that same constitution he swore to preserve, protect and defend.

  4. I think it’s time we impeach Biden, Harris, They have a mess at the border and they don’t care, They are here and in the USA .
    So they don’t Care what’s next. So we need to protect our selfs. From the illegals coming in alone with gangs and others of danger walking in. The Border is wide open. And Biden will not close it. Nor will the wall be built.
    He can not talk, read. Remember his name or who is running this country. He’s not a legal president, They rigged the election.
    He’s more for the illegal than the American citizen’s ,
    So now it’s time for the people to act.
    Impeach now. Stop the illegals Remember the taxpayer will. Pay for them to be here while we are in need our selfs.

  5. Things are going to get worse, gut the Bill of Rights, defund the police, no immigration policy and this is the guy who said he would unite America all Biden is doing is tearing it apart

  6. I have a new idea. What about putting the criminals in jail instead of the guns. make it life in prison if a weapons is used. And death with a death from your bad gun. That will curb the rate at which they operate.

  7. Abolish the whole Democratic Party!!! Time to take back our constitutional rights and put all the democratic idiots in jail where they belong. Pelosi and the rest of the swamp are useless, crooked and abusive pieces of excrement….time to get rid of them!

  8. when you take guns away, People will use all kind of things that are more deadly than guns as well will take out more people, big mistake to take guns away and jan 6 yes some people did things that should’nt have happen meaning lives lost. ,but also the Democrats led by Schiff & Pelosi started this for last 3 years with countless lying about how the country was run, impeachment, etc…………and dont forget hunter biden . its all on tape just replay it

  9. Shall NOT be infringed upon!!!! What don’t these Democrat’s understand!!!!!
    ALL the while accusing Trump of trying to destroy our Constitution. Democrat’s are nothing but LIAR’S

  10. Biden can do his thing and make him self feel better BUT a law is only as good as the people that obey it and the paper it is written on.
    Guns don’t kill .0001% as many people as POLITICIANS DO !!!! NO BRAG JUST FACT (sorry I used a bad word ! “FACT” ! (RACIEST))

  11. I do believe our constitution says we do have the right to defend our home and family. Time to stop this nonsense…dems/rinos do not own this country. They must really want a civil war because they sure are pushing hard for one. Despicable!

  12. if they take our guns the bodyguards have to give up thiers then the crooks will be the only ones that will have guns

  13. Because of the reality in human nature, we will never be safe. Therefore, we need ways to defend ourselves. Statistics have shown that we are much safer when we can defend ourselves with a gun. It has been demonstrated over and over that facilities that prohibit carrying a gun are the most vulnerable to criminal attack.

    1. It is because they hope the criminals will kill all law abiding citizens who happen to be Trump supporters, then they won’t have to do it!

      1. They need to be focusing on Democrat’s, because before long nobody will have any Rights left. We’ll be locked in our house or in internment camps. They’ve already said that Republicans need to be reprogrammed, WHY not the criminals too.

      2. I believe this is true. Conservatives will have a difficult time due to the Democratic desires. They hate us. I pray we get Donald Trump back before this Country collapses under this Evil rule. Look at the border. Look at the thousands of street people. They receive no help, just the aliens. Shame!

    2. A man attacked a woman and her dog, killing them both in broad daylight with a knife. People have been killed with rock’s, with cars!! How do we protect ALL of them???? Danger is everywhere, because it’s not the weapon IT’S the sick person we need to treat.

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