Biden Is Doing It – He Has Committed To…

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20 Responses

  1. How much evidence do we need to get someone in the judicial branch of our government to call ‘foul’ and stop this sham? I could see why the folks that could have stopped this were afraid of the consequences, (riots, paid mercenaries pulling another January 6 frame up) but those consequences pale in comparison to what is occurring now. If the man is so far gone that he cannot cobble together a sentence much less a coherent thought, why do we continue to allow him to make Executive Orders or carry around the Nuke Football. The Cancel Culture is alive and well—let’s use it to cancel the scores of illegally mandated EO’s and serve this clown the 25th amendment.

  2. Where in the Constitution does it say anything about Executive Orders ??? And why doesn’t the Supreme Court say anything about the side stepping of existing immigration laws. If they don’t say anything about an EO contrary to the 2nd Amendment, you will know that our country is lost.

  3. I have to agree with most of the individuals who have already committed on Crazy Joe’s executive orders that he has signed. The main reason he has signed so many is to overturn Former President Donald J. Trumps accomplishments during his tenure in office. They just didn’t like President Trump because for what he accomplished. He was not a politician but a businessman. Granted Trump may have made some mistakes as a business man but he for America and the America people. Not just a certain color people but all American people. The liberals did not like the fact that he what he promised all of us during his campaign. Even while fighting against everything the left threw at him.

  4. Any gun control EO will be illegal. The Biden presidency is illegal. The election was illegal. It was a Dark State coup. The American people owe Biden no more allegiance or obedience than they would if the Chinese communists installed their puppet in the oval office. Perhaps they did.

  5. Biden’s is to stupid to make any kind of order, every one knows that it is Obama that tells him what to do, they need to get rid of all of them , before We the People of the United States get screwed. They will take my gun from my cold dead hand !!!

  6. Our fore fathers created the Constitution to protect “We the People,” not for some idiot like Biden to try to end it. He needs taken down, impeach him NOW before he can ruin our country. Send him to a communist country where he can live the way he wants to live but don’t force your preverted beliefs on us. Oh by the way take Polski, OIC Bumma, and Kamala with you.

  7. its time for this dictator to be removed from office flooding our country with illegals ,everyday they are taking more of our rights and freedoms , these people our working for china he says there will be know republican party by 2024 because we will be under full dictatorship by then this is treason going on they need to be removed from office before it is to late. they need our guns to implement the rest god help us

    1. Yea, I want him gone too but how? If there is a legal way to get rid of Biden, Harris and Piglosy I’m all for it. Then we might have a chance at keeping
      America Great. He stole the election but no one did anything about it. The Dems were in on it and had to help it get done as Biden himself could never think that much himself. Having Biden and Harris in the White House is a real disaster in so many ways.

  8. It has been said by our Forefatheers, that when the government tries to take your guns, that is the time when you will NEED YOUR GUNS!

      1. Can congress just go home? I thought they had something to evaluate before these EOs are made. So disgusting.

  9. Commie Joe Biden should be impeached for any so called executive order pertaining to gun control…That is a direct conflict with the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution..!!

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