Biden initiates energy CRACKDOWN

Republican Senator Steve Daines (Montana), just put his finger on the real truth behind Biden’s latest move to kill the Dakota pipeline.

“It looks like he cares more about workers in Saudi Arabia than the workers in America,” Daines said.

And it’s just the beginning of a major Biden crackdown on American energy. Are you ready for sky-high gas costs?

“This is a major infrastructure project that President Biden killed six hours into his presidency,” Daines said. “It’s outrageous and it’s going to get worse.”

Fox reports:

Daines is also worried about the Biden administration’s plans to put a pause on any new oil and gas leases on federal lands. He said the administration is yielding to “the far-left radical extremists” who are pushing the Green New Deal.

“It’s already beginning to be implemented,” he said. “We’re seeing it before our very eyes — it’s going to kill jobs. It’s going to raise energy prices.”

“Thank God that we’ve had this revolution in energy in America to reduce our dependency on the Middle East,” Daines said. “[Biden’s action] reverses that course and places the dependence back on the Middle East. That is terrible policy for our country.”

It’s insane to think that as our economy struggles to recover from the biggest body blow it’s taken since the great depression, that Biden would willingly choke the American energy industry, increase our dependence on foreign oil, and raise gas prices for all Americans. It’s not just gas either – it’s heating, food, transportation and every industry that relies on American energy.

What the hell is he thinking?