Biden in the dumps with Hispanic voters, scores humiliating 26% approval rating

Just over seven months away from the November midterms, and it’s clear that President Joe Biden continues to drag his party down with ever-dipping approval numbers.

According to TheBlaze, it’s not just his general approval numbers that are hurting the most, either. Biden, who prided himself on gaining support from virtually every minority voting bloc, has a real problem with one particular group — Hispanic voters.

According to the latest Quinnipiac University national poll, it was revealed that Biden is deep underwater with Hispanic voters around the country, scoring a humiliating 26% approval rating with the increasingly important and influential voter demographic.

The number is so bad that it was described as a “nightmare” for Democrats in general, as Biden’s numbers will undoubtedly reflect on candidates down the ticket.

“Hispanics are Republicans now not because the GOP did such a great job – it’s because Democrats are a party run by Ivy League idiots with Ivy League values,” tweeted Ben Domenech, a Fox News contributor.

The president didn’t do much better with white voters, dipping down to 33% approval rating with that demographic, with 54% of whites disapproving of Biden’s performance so far. Black voters gave the president a 63% approval rating and a 25% disapproval.

Biden’s dismal approval numbers combined with an inflation crisis that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, coupled with yet another expected massive wave of illegal immigration issues, means that Democrats will likely experience a political bloodbath in November, the likes of which the country has never seen before.

At least when Republicans win majority control of the House — and possibly the Senate — the Democrats’ radical, “America Last” agenda will be put to rest for the foreseeable future.