Biden heads to Las Vegas for Harry Reid’s funeral as administration woes mount

Democrat Party luminaries, past and present, gathered Saturday in Las Vegas to pay tribute to the late Sen. Harry Reid, but given the mounting crises currently enveloping the White House, some might question whether attending a funeral on the other side of the country was the best use of President Joe Biden’s time.

According to CBS News, the memorial service for Reid, who died last month at the age of 82, featured remarks from Biden as well as from former President Barack Obama, who described the longtime lawmaker as a “true and loyal friend” who offered him substantial encouragement prior to his first run for the White House.

Biden recalled his friendship with Reid, which spanned five decades, and revealed that the former legislator texted him words of congratulations following the 2020 election, observing, “Harry would always have your back. Harry had mine, and he knew I had his.”

Also part of the formal farewell for Reid were House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as well as Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Carole King and Brandon Flowers, lead singer of music group The Killers, according to the Deseret News.

While it is certainly no surprise that the funeral for a long-serving senator such as Reid would attract a high-profile roster of dignitaries and celebrities, Biden’s willingness to take his leave from D.C. yet again, particularly amid a series of worsening dilemmas raises real questions for many.

The president’s attentions should arguably be laser-focused on pressing issues such as the Labor Department’s December jobs report that came in far below the gains anticipated by economists, a worrisome signal, considering that it revealed a decline in hiring that began even before the omicron coronavirus surge, as Fox Business noted.

It could also be said that Biden might want to spend every waking hour attempting to address the widespread frustrations about skyrocketing COVID-19 cases and the extreme difficulties millions of Americans are having when it comes to obtaining the testing availability they need amid the startling shortage experienced since before the holidays.

With grocery industry sources now also predicting an imminent crisis of bare shelves – particularly in the areas of meat and eggs – and anticipated labor shortfalls due to coronavirus-related quarantine periods, there really is no lack of national dilemmas to which Biden ought to be devoting his time and attention.

Given the immense challenges – many of his own creation – currently confronting Biden, it is understandable that he would much prefer to be playing the part of distinguished statesman at Reid’s funeral, but unfortunately for the country, the aforementioned troubles are only deepening with each passing day.