Biden gets the news: Democrats are trailing in Georgia

Despite the best efforts of the Democratic leadership, the mainstream media, and George Soros’s legions of paid agitators, Republicans are leading in the Georgia Senate race.

The plain fact is that if these numbers hold up, Joe Biden’s presidency will be over before it begins. Without a Democratic Senate, Joe won’t have a chance of passing his radical agenda.

The latest numbers are from the Trafalgar group, which predicted the November election results much more accurately than mainstream polls.

Kelly Loeffler is running against radical leftist Raphael Warnock, who has openly compared America to communist Cuba, and refused to condemn dictator Fidel Castro, among other things.

David Perdue is running against Jon Ossof, who with Warnock, is scheduled to appear at a campaign event with a speaker that supported anti-semite Louis Farrakhan. As Fox News notes:

Ossoff and Warnock’s sharing of an event with a supporter of Farrakhan is bound to raise a few eyebrows, given the leader’s controversial reputation.

Farrakhan, who has led the Nation of Islam since the late 1970s, has made numerous anti-Semitic remarks over the years, not least of which include referring to Adolf Hitler as a “very great man” and Jews as “termites.”

Nothing is more important than winning Georgia.

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  1. Misleading headline how does a Mickey Mouse organization get away with putting a headline up just to get people to click on it?

    1. I heard of Trafalgar before. What really needs to be done is extreme presence on the part of Republicans and maybe even the National Guard, if the Governor has the huevos, for maintaining an HONEST election; now that we know just how Demonicrats will be cheating at all levels to try to steal this election.

    1. THE Governor needs to call out the National Guard and have them stationed at has many polling places has possible. And if they don’t have the numbers, ask other Republican States and President Trump for back-up. I know that they will do everything possible to insure an HONEST election.

      1. The Problem with that is the Governor is a Rhino, and hates President Trump…….that is why Georgia is in a mess right now.

  2. Their 76,000 waiting in the shadows to be added if Republican’s win, thank to thank to Stacy Adams and the rest of the Communistic A-holes

  3. WE NEED an increased presence at these polling places to make sure these marxist-demonicrats remain in the ash-heap of history. Time for the Governor to call out the National Guard.

  4. We cannot let another fraudlent election take place in Georgia. By the way, if the presidental election is overturned, and I pray it will be, we must have another one, not just let Kamala take charge.

  5. Yes a conservative Senate is needed the problem is Biden like Obama still can do damage with an ink pen, and no objection by spinless congressmen afraid to do their job!

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