Biden finalizes cancellation of emergency-funded border wall

Joe Biden’s presidency began with the issuance of a series of executive orders designed to begin reversing former President Donald Trump’s success in curbing illegal immigration, and news came this week that one of those preliminary decisions will be made permanent.

According to the Washington Examiner Biden’s Department of Defense is going ahead with plans to cancel border wall construction work initiated by the Trump administration that was funded by money diverted from other agencies by way of a national emergency declaration.

Back in January, Biden signed an executive order pausing construction on the southern wall for a period lasting 60 days. The purpose of the temporary halt was to allow time for administration officials to determine the potential cost of voiding existing contracts and whether funds appropriated for the wall could be spent on other projects.

The delay itself was costing taxpayers roughly $6 million per day due to materials orders that had already been placed before the order was issued and also because of the expenses incurred toward compensating contractors whose equipment and workers were sitting idle, as Breitbart reported back in March.

Word came down this week, however, that the outstanding border construction work would indeed be scuttled once and for all. Deputy spokesperson for the Pentagon Jamal Brown explained that “Consistent with the President’s proclamation, the Department of Defense is proceeding with canceling all border barrier construction projects paid for with funds originally intended for other military missions and functions.”

Brown added that the Defense Department has already begun rescinding the emergency funding, and stated, “Today’s action reflects this administration’s continued commitment to defending our nation and supporting our service members and their families,” Breitbart noted.

The decision’s announcement comes in the wake of reports suggesting that the administration may, however, restart border wall construction in certain areas in order to plug “gaps” in what is already in place. According to the Washington Times, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas informed Immigration and Customs Enforcement staffers in late last month that Biden’s plan to cancel emergency-funded construction left “room to make decisions” on other areas of security concern.

Regardless of what happens next, Democrats, including Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ) hailed the president’s decision, saying, according to The Hill, “President Biden promised to not build one more foot of border wall under his watch, and I welcome this step by his administration to begin repairing the damage caused by border wall construction.”

On the other side of the aisle, Idaho GOP Sen. James Risch declared the move an “ill-advised decision at best” that would jeopardize national security, and considering a recent poll showing that a majority of respondents disapprove of Biden’s handling of the migrant surge at the southern border, it appears that a large swath of the American electorate tends to agree.

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97 Responses

  1. God is in control ,we have to trust his way and will biden and harris will get theirs in hell if they do not change their ways,Satan is having his will with to 2 in charge, they think they are in charge. God says vengeance is mine will repay

  2. Biden has already caused our gas to go up a DOLLAR a gallon and made a TOTAL MESS of our southern border.
    He is in the process of totally destroying our country.
    How much more of this before we impeach him.

  3. Florida girl, you’re comments are right on. You know your civics. IF after the house votes to impeach on legit criminal charges, and IF it gets to the Senate with a 67-33 vote to convict, KA MA LA is the new prez. She will select a new VP. The pig will stay where she’s at, if she’s still in the house. IF the GOP takes back the house and McCarthy is the new leader he’d be third in line for succession IF KA MA LA and whomever are ousted. God pray that it can happen What a mess Biden has wrought to this country, and he’s just beginning. Wait ’til he drags us back into Iran. It won’t stop, will it!

  4. We the people need a new leader… the cardboard cutout we now is worthless… this country will take decades to overcome all he has done in a just 100 days.. we the people will surely be on our knees by then.. alltohailwithkingbiden

    1. If the supplies are already paid for why don’t some unemployed young men volunteer to the Texas government to finish building the wall? Not much left to be done on it.

  5. Those who say Biden has no authority to make financial changes which are designated only to our congress are correct, and Congress should hold him accountable for it,

  6. Charlie : The road to Hell is NOT NARROW ! It is “wide/broad” and MANY will there be who enter [Hell] by it ! (See the words of Jesus, in Matthew 7:13-14, “…for WIDE is the gate and BROAD is the way that leads to destruction.” Also, those who go there will not just have “a lot of time in hell even with all their friends” to decide “if it was worth it,” because there will no longer be any measuring of time in Eternity ! It will not ever end !

  7. All of them are denizens of the swamp.
    Please give us four more years of Donald so he can finish draining the swamp.

  8. This is a biased site probably run by left wingers to deflect honest comments from reaching the people of the USA.
    The operators of this site need to go to jail.

  9. something has to be done to get these people out of office. they are definitely traitors of the USA.

  10. I never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that our country would be in the shape it is in now.
    Biden has done more damage in a few short weeks than any president has done. He does need to be rode out on a rail , tarred and feathered.

  11. Biden is playing with fire on handling the border. Hope he doesn’t get burned.
    A born Texan.

  12. Biden wants the money so he stops the boarder…Who is he kidding?? He is a distruction on two legs. Oh my.

  13. BO BO Biden and HO HO Harris are lying again, the truth is not in them and they are destroying this country as fast as they can. all the think about is to sell out this country to the Communist. The only thing that has happened that promised is the stimilus money and that was to buy votes. One day very soon GOD is going to give them their just rewards for what they are doing to the people and this great country. eternety is a long time to spend in hell even with all their friends that helped them destroy this country but they will have a lot of time to determin if it was worth it. I think not but they chose the path to hell is narrow but they will manage to make it with their fake news buddies.

  14. how can he cancel the wall when it is already paid for? he wants that money for his schemes. a prophet said today that he had a vision that Joey Drool was dead, in a casket in the Whitehouse. he said it was this week. this is one time I just wish I believed in these fakes. wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to the headlines: BIDEN KICKS THE BUCKET. DR OF EDUCATION JILLY CANT SAVE HIM NOW!!!!!!” he also said that KA MA LA appeared to wander room to room looking for old Drools. she had several knives sticking out of her back. oh, wonder of wonders, please make this true!!!!!!

  15. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Biden dose not have any authority to cancel any thing about the southern border wall because that had to come through congress. Biden need to be impeached for braking the laws of this country along with Harris too.

    1. he thinks he has a magic pen that allows him to do whatever he wants. congress??? who needs congress!! I’m Joey Drools, and I can do whatever I want. just ask my son, the smartest person I know. you know, the guy, who crawls around on the carpet looking for cheese to snort. thinks its cocaine. yeah, smartest guy he knows alright……

  16. Biden and his admin are all idiots destroying our country!! I wish he & his communist friends would all be taken down soon! We ALL know president Trump won by a landslide, and they know it too, which is why they resorted to cheating their way through by hook or by crook! Down with this race-baiting, communist tyrant administration!!

  17. Biden is absolutely disgusting!!!! This man doesn’t have the brains to do all this evil stuff. All the construction equipment is still on the ground and Biden and “firm “ are wasting!$$. Trump always tried to save $$. How about putting a ban on the southern border??? They are coming in with Covid too. Not to mention terrorist, drugs, murders, etc etc. I’m sick over this.

  18. This is the worst news for America since the BS election that took place in November. Biden needs hung for treason along with Pigalosi and the rest of the Demonic rats, stick bug eyed Adam Schiff out there in front and all of his little bug eyed rat friends will be running to come see him! These wastes of space don’t care about America at all, I thought I was safe here in Montana but they are transporting these illegals to my state also. I am red with rage!!!

  19. It is obvious BIDEN<HARRIS<OBAMA SORROS really intend to destroy the United States. Wasting over $6 million dollars a day is evidence of a very sick,demented leadership needing to be immediately suspended from OFFICE followed by impeachmentl. Someone please start the documentation that needs to be signed by citizens to start the process and money needed to organize . In the meantime allow the military to take over.

  20. The border wall needs to be completed. This Biden Administration has ruined the entire immigration system that was working. Insanity at work!

  21. This is wrong, but Biden does not have a border policy, I notice that Harris has not been to the border maybe she is hoping that is will clear up by itself fat chance of that happening

    1. Harris has no idea how to help so she just ignores the problem or denies there is a problem. Trump had the boarder in the best condition I can remember and now it has been destroyed by these two idiots in the White House.

  22. Biden is a yes man, but really means NO. He is no leader in our book. We really need Trump back. Biden and his gang would not speak the truth because it would be good for the country

  23. WTF; SSSSsslieingjoe is a Moron it’s paid for so all’s he’s doing is Throwing Millon’s away.Its great for the DRUG dealers so over the next 10 years all the drug deaths will be on his hands.

    1. Sara, you can thank the scumbag lyndon johnson for taking our SS money and putting it in the general fund. That money belongs to the people who worked for it not the low life bums who won’t work… so much for protecting real Americans…who pay taxes and their salaries!!! Bring back Trump!!!!!

  24. So Biden has reversed all of President Trump’s actions that worked. Now how is he going to fix the problem that he solely created?

    1. He won’t try to fix it because he can use it for Dem votes and that is the real purpose for it with him and all Dems. Trump had the boarder in the best shape I can remember and now stupid Biden ruined it for personal gain. Biden should be in jail and not the White House along with Piglosy for insider trading again. these Dems are all for me and nothing for yee.

  25. I’m with you Terry Bell. A military firing squad needs to line Biden and the entire cabal up and finally be rid of them once and for all. The American people need to watch it live on t.v. so everyone can witness what happens when you commit treason!

    1. I totally agree. The Biden/Obama/Harris administration is like a plague wise then the pandemic. The worst part is, there is no vaccination against them. But we must all work very hard to rid the country of this administration in The next ( hopefully honest) election. I hope America can last that long.

      1. I think he has totally lost it. How could anyone in their right mind stop the wall being finished. It was nearly finished, things had been looking pretty good at the border. Supplies were there and all they needed to do was finish building it. And he and Kamala won’t even go down there and take a look at the desperation and chaos that is going on. I know they have children and grandchildren. They’ve proven to us they don’t have a heart. If they did they wouldn’t let this go on. Who are the idiots who support them???

        1. Susan, demand your Congressman start impeachment proceedings immediately. Otherwise vote him/her out next year. Period.

          1. How do you think we can vote him out next year? Presidents run for 4 years. He just started. I wish we could though.

            He needs to be impeached though right now. But it looks like that won’t happen either. No one has started anything that I know of.

          2. there is already an impeachment article in the house and has been since the new congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene took office in January of this year. but due to the demon rat majority in the house, piglosi will not bring it to a vote. even if she did, it would be rejected. we can demand until our lips fall off. NOTHING will be done until the repubs have both the house and senate under our control. wishful thinking and a waste of time to contact your congressman or woman.

          3. That fellow Leo Terrell is the one to listen to. He has it
            All figured out. He spoke
            his mind Sat. on Fox. We
            Have to hope we can hold
            Out until 2024.

          4. SC Sen. Marjorie Greene has already filed to impeach Biden. However it’s not going to go anywhere if Witch of the West won’t put it up for a vote.

          5. Who on Confress is going to support that? And it doesn’t mean he’s out it means they’ve agreed there’s enough to bring before a court of law. Lots of time and, I’m guessing, no support.
            And I know we day the same things over and over but I think it’s an expression of our frustration.

    2. That would not help unfortunately. Then we would have Kamala -not an improvement and then if we get rid of Kamala we get Piglosy again not an improvement. We are so stuck. I just hope we still have a country by 2024. Biden want as many illegals as possible for votes.

      1. not so, KA MA LA can be impeached for her paying the bail for the blm rioters last summer. she even made a video for the MFF. she incited a continuance of the riots on national t.v. Trump was impeached for that, even though his words were nothing like hers. piglosi is on her way out. she doesnt know it yet but in 2022, a new congressman from either N.J. or Fl will be elected speaker, and she is side-lined. she is going nowhere near the whitehouse. maybe the nut house, tho.

    3. I write to Biden, Trump, Sinema, Cavanaugh, and others out of state. Regina Romero’s my next target, but after reading about Maxine Waters history today I am certain she’s the main force behind BLM & Antifa.
      She’s been inciting riots since Rodney King. Plus, she held a a seat in one of the most powerful committees in financial services which resulted in family members getting rich. Read about it.

    1. Not that simple. Wush it were. That demented putz is not calling the shots–that would be Obama, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, the Squids, etc. There is a reason Obama never left DC. He’s in his third term.

      1. The money for the wall was approved by Congress Biden has no jurisdiction to end this only Congress can Biden has broken federal law by doing this on his own!

          1. I don’t know that answer.
            I’d hope they would intercede if they can, by law. That’s our problem, I think, we have no power to do anything and the legal system appears to be against us.
            I’ve written to people but I missed this Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ). He’s on my “No-Vote” list, now. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. This guy’s in love with b’s devastation

        1. He’s no different than anyone else, the money is there for a reason and that is too protect the American people? They’re time will come and they won’t know until it happens. You reap what you sow and if we the American people can talk to some of them then we might have a chance to stop them from doing anymore damage to the USA.

          1. The Democraps said in October that they were going to cancel everything President Trump accomplished and remake our country. I really do not remember if they wanted America to be like China (Biden’s bosses) or Venezuela (maybe the “Squad’s” favorite). Just look and see what we are becoming. Destroying cities, getting rid of police, and allowing criminals into our country constantly.

        2. Yes you’re correct! And the Congress has bowed down to the communist man-dates. We have, basically a bunch of criminals in the White House and the Congress. The votes of people mean zero to these greedy bastards. Dark days ahead. The actually mentality of these vermin is allow illegals into the country in large enough numbers to elect them and keep them in power. All these wicked plays can be found in the Communist Manifesto. People are sitting and doing nothing. I love freedom but will not die for a bunch of ignorant fools.

        3. And the contracts to the contractors and suppliers was already authorized, so we, TAXPAYERS are obligated to pay their contracts even if they don’t finish the job. And Biden’s rationale for canceling the wall, beyond being that he’s an idiot being manipulated by Obama and other America hating thugs, is that it frees up funding for construction projects in OTHER COUNTRIES! Oh, OK… they’re more important than American citizens and our national security and prosperity. I guess from a NWO globalist’s viewpoint that’s the plan.

      2. You are absolutely right. Obama’s the demon pulling the strings. Biden can’t remember what he had for breakfast, much less think of what’s going on in his administration. But, anything to scrap what President Trump accomplished is great with him.

    2. You aren’t the only one that feels that way. Yes doing nothing but destroy America and he’s proud of it.

      1. Joe is taking his marching orders from China and the crazy stupid and I mean stupid decision to remove the border with Mexico. We are now defenseless with Joe in command and the man he appointed to defend the border does not believe in borders. He is an open border guy. And where are my republicans?? where are they.?? Can’t they at least object to this ludicrous idea? I do not hear a peep from them. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ROUNDED UP AS INSURRECTIONISTS ARE BEINGJ TORTURED AND HELD UNDER DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE OBJECTING TO THEIR INCARCERATION ARE 2 DEMS-SENATOR DURKIN AND SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN. WHERE O WHERE ARE THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS WHO HAVE ENJOYED THEIR POLITCAL SUCCESS DUE TO DONAL TRUMP.


          1. I’ve been reading and writing it seems forever and I’m sick and tired of people complaining about our situation and not rallying to do something constructive. I’ve written and talked, trying to explain to anyone who’ll listen what’s happening and to rally. I’m 74 and done about all I can do. So all of you out there with creative intelligence need to get going. No one’s out there who’ll magically save us, it’s up to you (and me when/where I can).
            I have to think that the “insurrection” of 6 January, which was planned as the materials were at the Capitol before anything happened, was an intentional, minor demonstration of what will happen to anyone or group that tries a real one. So there we are.
            And the war is between us and the deep st who are following agen da 21 plan where the US has to experience economic collapse and be in chaos and fear (think border, covid controls) so it can become a non-country and then the global elites take over; think one world government. This has been planned for decades. B’s job is to crash the country, not make it great.

          2. We the American people need to practice “GRIP” – Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians. Our forefathers never intended for us to have career politicians. If we practice GRIP, we can get rid of the Pelosi’s, Schumacher’s and such. Then we may have a chance to get our voice heard and NOT be lead like sheep by a political party that only cares about the party ideals. We should know by now that anything a politician says is a lie, so DO NOT re-elect them. Get new blood in office that may listen to us. If they don’t then elect someone else after their term is done.
            If we do this and unanimously do not vote for an incumbent and they get elected, then we can call “Bullsh_t” and say the election was rigged without any doubt. We can’t let them keep us divided and fighting between our selves. That’s how they control us. The pandemic has been politically controlled, not scientifically controlled, so the the government can control us and keep us isolated from each other.

    3. We’re screwed with Slow Joe Biden and Cameltoe the Ho Harris in the White House. I wish there was time travel and they were living in China.

    4. I’d sure like to know who the hell voted for This administration and what the real number of Biden votes really were.
      So much BS and I think the majority of Americans know it.
      I’m wondering who will be caring for all these minors since they can’t figure out where to send them as to family etc. it will be the tax payers paying for this crap but i sure hope no one hires any of these illegals since the should all be shipped back to their own countries.
      Biden is surely the puppet for Obama and we all know it. No sympathy here for these law breakers.
      Laws are there for a reason, not just as a suggestion. Sick Biden, crazy Harris and the rest of the insane democrat party.

      1. Not sure of the accuracy on this, but It has been reported that the BORDER CRISIS is costing us $500M each month.

    5. He is above the neck. All he does is perform as a PA system – he is not thinking and cannot even realize what is actually going on. GOD … we are in desperate straits as a nation w/ the half-witted giggler in the wings.

    6. If I were a contracted builder for the wall I be suing the Biden administration for breech of contract. “suing BIDEN directly” He’s got the money the corrupt bastard

    7. Your not the only one that feels that way, that’s for sure. This whole thing is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. People who gated live in gated mansion, usually don’t have problems with people. It is totally us with out protection that have the problems. Thanks Biden.

      without walls to protect

    8. Your not the only one that feels that way, that’s for sure. This whole thing is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. People who gated live in gated mansion, usually don’t have problems with people. It is totally us with out protection that have the problems. Thanks Biden.

      without walls to protect.

      He did this just to be spiteful to President Trump and the American people.

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