Biden family money making schemes getting a closer inspection by the state of Delaware

An opinion piece published by The New York Post asserts that the Biden family is seeing their “scheme unravel.” 

According to author Miranda Devine, if the grand jury that is investigating Hunter Biden’s various and sundry business ventures, does so with gusto, it will pull thread that lead to the president, and there are signs that it might already be happening.

“Regardless of the extraordinary statement last week by White House chief of staff Ron Klain, that the president is confident his son has done nothing wrong, and that the inquiry has nothing to do with Joe Biden or anyone else in the White House, publicly available evidence says otherwise,” Devine said in her article.

She cited emails and other materials found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop that point directly to Joe Biden’s involvement in the family’s alleged multimillion-dollar global influence-peddling schemes from when he was the vice president.

She also cited six hours of interviews with hUnter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, which were conducted by the FBI last year and brought with it a goldmine of documents emails and encrypted messages that referenced the “Big Guy” and a 10% equity in a joint venture with Chinese energy company CEFC was held for him by Hunter.

It is not just the emails and other material on Hunter’s abandoned laptop that point to Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s multimillion-dollar global influence-peddling schemes when he was vice president.

There is also the six-hour interview Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski gave to the FBI last year, along with a trove of documents, emails and encrypted messages.

Bobulinski has publicly named Joe Biden as the “Big Guy,” referenced in emails, whose 10% equity in a joint venture with Chinese energy company CEFC was held for him by Hunter.

“Perhaps US Attorney David Weiss is saving the best for last,” Devine said. “The White House position is unsustainable.”

“Alarm bells are starting to ring in Democratic circles as the White House stonewalls in the face of increasing media inquiries. In two absurd statements in recent days, White House spokespeople said the president stands by his pre-election statement that Hunter never received any money from China, and he continues to deny that he knew anything about his son’s overseas business dealings.”

If there is anything to find, it’s clear that conservatives have the motivation to find it. And with all this smoke, conservatives are left asking themselves what the chances are that there is absolutely no fire.