Biden falls off his bike after coming to a dead stop in front of supporters

President Joe Biden’s PR team had just experienced a hellish week of defending the 79-year-old’s stamina and vigor, only to end up doing damage control for one of the elderly man’s most embarrassing moments to date. Even some high-profile Democrats, like former Obama adviser David Axelrod, had called his health into question.

According to Fox News, during yet another vacation getaway to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the president, while cruising toward a group of cheering fans on his bicycle, ended his trek by stopping and immediately falling over, like a freshly felled tree. A hard smack to the ground ensued.

Multiple Secret Service agents and others in his entourage raced to retrieve the president from the ground, only for Biden to shout, “I’m good!”

His team blamed the fall on his shoe being stuck in one of the toe grips built into the pedal of the luxury bike. Regardless, he made sure to prove on Sunday that he hadn’t sustained any injuries from the awkward crash.

A number of people, including former President Donald Trump, poked fun at Biden for losing his balance while at a dead stop. The moment triggered thousands of memes and parodies within hours of the incident, which immediately went viral.

Others jokingly helped defend the aging president by blaming the nasty bicycle fall on Russian President Vladimir Putin, since the Biden administration seems to blame all of America’s problems on Putin and Russia.