Biden: Facebook ‘killing people’ with insufficient checks on ‘misinformation’

On Friday, President Joe Biden made the bizarre claim that Facebook and other social media companies are “killing people” by not doing enough to remove what the administration says is misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines from their platforms, as Reuters reports.

During an exchange with reporters outside the White House on Friday, Biden was asked what his message would be to tech giants such as Facebook in terms of their management of cornonavirus vaccine “misinformation,” and that is when he leveled his accusation.

“I mean they really, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and that’s – they’re killing people,” said Biden, continuing the message communicated earlier by White House press secretary Jen Psaki, as CNBC reported.

Prior to Biden’s remarks, Psaki said during a press briefing that the White House was flagging posts for Facebook believed by the administration to be problematic or capable of spreading “misinformation” regarding vaccine side effects.

Psaki implored Facebook and similar sites to combat erroneous material, adjust their algorithms to promote what the administration deems high quality information, and to ban users who communicate information the White House does not like and suspects could be driving vaccine hesitancy among certain groups.

“We are regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives dangerous to public health that we and many other Americans are seeing across all of social and traditional media, Psaki said, adding, “We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking in the Surgeon General’s office.”

In response to President Biden’s incendiary comments, Facebook vice president of integrity Guy Rosen on Saturday published a blog post refuting claims that the company had not done its part to boost vaccine rates and weed out supposedly dangerous content.

Citing data meant to show a sharp decline in vaccine hesitancy among the site’s users in recent weeks, Rosen asserted, “These and other facts tell a very different story to the one promoted by the administration in recent days.”

Given the shameful recent history of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms when it comes to blatant censorship of any pandemic-related information deemed contrary to the dictates of Dr. Anthony Fauci or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it seems a bit rich that Biden is now attempting to blame those same firms for his administration’s failure to meet its own vaccination goals.

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Hurricane (@guest_382513)
8 days ago

No, Biden YOU are the one killing people with your lies and misinformation YOU are spreading throughout the world. Time for you to do this country a favor and STEP DOWN. You were not elected President and YOU KNOW IT!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_382438)
9 days ago

Interesting, BIDEN wants MORE ILLEGAL CENSORSHIP! I don’t know where this guy grew up but apparently he NEVER HEARD THAT A FREE PRESS IS THE RIGHT OF US CITIZENS! Have your friends at Google and Facebook repost all the information on the virus they pulled first BIDEN! Please explain how the DC CAPITAL POLICE HAVE THE RIGHT TO OPEN BRANCH OFFICES IN CALIFORNIA AND FLORIDA?! You started a NEW FEDERAL POLICE AGENCY WITH NO APPROVAL OF CONGRESS! That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! OTHERWISE LET THE TEXAS SHERIFFS COME AND ARREST THE MORON STATE DEMS WHO RAN TO HIDE IN DC! These idiots are trying to start a Civil War! ALL THE MIDDLE STATES WILL JOIN TOGETHER AGAINST THE LEFT COASTS! I have always thought that since we make all their food, but they take most of our tax dollars, we should simply charge the coasts more for the food we sell them! After all, NO ONE HAS BUILT AN ELECTRIC TRACTOR YET, OR A SOLAR COMBINE! Of course, LEFT COASTERS have never heard of these things anyway. They think food just APPEARS IN THE STORE! By the way, WE PLAN ON STILL EATING BEEF. WE WILL TRIPLE THE PRICE FOR WHAT WE SELL YOU! ALSO, WE WILL NOT LET YOU IMMIGRATE TO OUR TERRITORIES AND BRING IN YOUR INSANITY!

Connie (@guest_382359)
9 days ago

Anyone who voted for this idiot should be hanging their head in shame. What a complete disgrace! The world is laughing at us.

Cynthia Pate (@guest_382367)
Reply to  Connie
9 days ago

Amen so well said .Idiot O biden is that for sure.

Paul Flint (@guest_382330)
10 days ago

Pedo joe biden & the demora party are the ones Killing people a demorat never changes their spots

Good Luck (@guest_382320)
10 days ago

Murder , Biden is killing American people with his Executive Orders, and his Hitler rules.

Newa (@guest_382312)
10 days ago

Biden is a goner!

Phil (@guest_382351)
Reply to  Newa
10 days ago

We can only hope!

Katee (@guest_382302)
10 days ago

FB, twitter and others have blocked, chased off or disgusted people so badly they have just, so its nice to see little joey calling out his own for their stupidity. Way to go joey.

Nick Cignetti (@guest_382301)
10 days ago

From what i can see the vaccine is not doing what a vaccine is supposed to do. Here is one example the claim is that all the Texas run away democrats were vaccinated now the fact is that at least 5 of them have COVID. What then is the purpose of the vaccine??????

I.S (@guest_382370)
Reply to  Nick Cignetti
9 days ago

It’s an Experimental Vaccine, read the label, no one takes any responsibilities if something bad will happen after you get it!

Philip Raneri (@guest_382297)
10 days ago

If anyone is killing people it’s Biden and he’s doing a great job! The pandemic is not the problem, he had no plan just orders! That is the reason know one is worried about those that told him to go suck eggs and so now he blames it on us instead taking like a man and making a plan! Lotto payments are a total waste of our money which we already know he don’t care about at all!

Lyin biden (@guest_382295)
10 days ago

The Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud

Biden is a illegitimate president.

Every single democrat in public office is now in a position they can not prove they earned.

Every person appointed to an office by a democrat does not belong in that office.

It no longer matter what any democrat says about any thing. The democrats are not legitimate in their job and they committed voter fraud, indurecction, and treason to get there.

Anyone backing them, including the AG AND FBI, is aiding and abetting a treasonist criminal. Like the people who help booth escape. Prison time or hanging for all of them

Democrats = criminals

AnnaDarvall (@guest_382223)
11 days ago

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Last edited 11 days ago by AnnaDarvall
Lyin biden (@guest_382296)
Reply to  AnnaDarvall
10 days ago

Every step biden makes is another mistake to the world.

I have come so far and tried so hard.

Yet biden just f%@k up at every turn.

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