Biden ends the charade, reopens “cages” for kids

It turns out that Joe Biden didn’t care about “kids in cages.”

Jeff Charles writes at Liberty Nation:

“It seems that the Democrats didn’t care as much about the “kids in cages” as they led us to believe. Indeed, after President Joe Biden decided to reopen a Texas facility used to house migrants under the Trump administration, they didn’t so much as bat a fake teary eye.

All of a sudden, the “kids in cages” trope is no longer applicable when it involves a president who does not have an “R” next to his name. How much hypocrisy does the Biden administration expect the nation to stomach?

…At this point, it seems clear that those on the left never cared about the migrant children who were being kept in cages under the Trump administration. As it turns out, these young people were political pawns utilized to attack the former president. But is this a surprise? Any disaffected group could be weaponized to score political points.

How long can Biden get away with using the same policies he roundly criticized Trump for? The far-left progressive wing is sure to call the president out on this duplicity, but what position will the moderate faction in the Democratic Party and the rest of the nation take?”

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