Biden disappears from DC to spend weekend at beach amid growing crises

As crises – both existing and newly-emerging – envelop the White House, President Joe Biden was once again nowhere to be found in the nation’s capital, having already decamped for a weekend getaway at his Delaware beach home, as Fox News reports.

Despite the controversies swirling around his administration throughout the preceding week, Biden arrived via helicopter to Gordon’s Pond near the popular resort area of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware early Friday afternoon, as the Delaware News Journal noted.

The idea of the president spending another weekend away from the White House – something that has become startlingly customary during the first several months of his term – might not be so shocking if his administration had not racked up quite so many defeats and embarrassments over the days leading up to the jaunt.

Perhaps the most devastating blow to the administration’s credibility to befall Biden last week was the admission from the Pentagon that the drone strike earlier touted as having eliminated an imminent ISIS-K threat in Afghanistan actually amounted to a “tragic mistake” that ended in the deaths of 10 civilians, including a number of children.

The revelation that what had been referred to by Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley as a “righteous strike” in response to a suicide attack in Kabul that killed 13 American service members was in fact a hideous error led former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany to declare, “The Biden administration is a sad, tragic mess and an utter embarrassment on the world stage.”

Perhaps Biden assumed he could turn the page on Afghanistan by redirecting Americans’ attention to COVID-19, though the administration hit something of a brick wall there as well, with the rejection by an advisory panel to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejecting vaccination booster shots for large swaths of the general public, despite the president’s earlier attempt to roll out just such a program.

Already facing immense criticism for his administration’s handling of the crisis at America’s southern border, Biden sustained yet another setback last week, as a massive, unchecked influx of migrants – predominately from Haiti – surged the area near Del Rio Texas and overwhelmed the ability of local authorities to manage the sheer numbers of arrivals, who slept under a bridge in reportedly squalid conditions.

Biden’s mismanagement of a growing number of crisis situations has not evaded the notice of the electorate, as a new Reuters/Ipsos poll registered the president at the lowest approval numbers of his tenure to date, and a Quinnipiac University survey also showed him at a 50% disapproval rate, with independents abandoning ship at an especially rapid clip.

Given that the aforementioned failures are just a few of the current disasters facing the Biden White House, it should probably come as no surprise that the president much prefers the sandy shores of Rehoboth Beach to the increasingly intractable crucible of Washington, D.C.