Biden could face impeachment if GOP wins control of both chambers

One would be hardpressed to find a single political pundit or observer who truly doesn’t believe Republicans will win majority control of the House in the November midterms.

Unfortunately, for President Joe Biden, that likely outcome could possibly bring with it the first true challenge to his string of failed policies and decisions during his first two years in the White House. The “impeachment” word is already being floated.

With Republicans having nothing to lose and everything to gain by launching an impeachment process against the failing president, a growing number of people believe that such a situation is a forgone conclusion.

Far-left Newsweek admitted that the situation could be an absolute disaster for Biden, especially if Republicans manage to take the House and gain majority control of the Senate — a possibility growing stronger by the day.

The outlet noted: “If President Joe Biden’s party loses control of both chambers, he could end up facing impeachment after several Republicans indicated that GOP majorities would move in that direction.”

Many have argued that Democrats used the weakest of cases to initiate former President Donald Trump’s two impeachment trials, with one of them based on an alleged phone call.

Biden, in contrast, has notched so many failures that directly affect the United States in the most negative way that Republicans can essentially take their pick of grounds on which to impeach the 46th president.

From the border crisis to the Afghanistan pullout debacle, to inflation, to Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and beyond, Biden’s opponents in Congress are likely waiting for the moment they regain the majority.